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Have you ever found an old family bible or old photo while browsing thru a antique store, garage sale or flea market and wondered who they were or what there life was like?   Or maybe you are looking for some old photos or the old family bible.  Lets all work together and reunite those old items with the family.  For submitting information.  

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We are hoping someone will have information on a large Norwegian bible we have. It is very large 5/12 thick 9/12 wide and 12 1/2 length this is pretty close. Inside the bible are many artists work. One section has about 40 sheets of just pictures. A few are colored but mostly black and white. I do not read Norwegian so can not tell what is written about pictures. Estimating the bible to be in the 1800s there is not one word written in the bible. only clue is a receipt from a shop in Kansas City dated 1886. It would be to talk to someone who may have a little or a lot of information about this bible. Email Clifford Thank you for your interest.
A friend has just given us an old Norwegian Bible she inherited, in the hope we could identify the origin of, and perhaps the people named in the bible, all from MN. I just received this wonderful old Bible and got lost in going though it. This bible measures 12 1/2 inches tall, 10 7/16 wide, and is 4 1/2 inches thick. It has many color plates as well as black and white.  It also contains a dictionary in the front with the family section in the back. It was printed in St. Paul by the Empyreal Publishing company, and although it does not contain a date it does have this interesting fact: on the first page of the dictionary is this banner: "Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1890, by J. R. Jones, in the office of the Liberian of Congress at Washington, D. C."
Here are the names of people found in the old Norwegian Bible, unfortunately, there are no places mentioned.

Married: Nels O. Midby born 13 March 1854 to Marith O. Reiten, born 26 August 1859.
Then, came the following names and dates:
Minnie Ovidia Midby, born 18 Oct. 1884
Elmer Arther Midby, born 17 April 1888,
Nicolai Melvin Foot, born 27 July 1897.

The Bible was given to our friend by her father who was a friend of Elmer Arther Midby, who served in the Navy during WWI as an aircraft mechanic.
I wish there were places named in the bible that would help your readers but as there are none, maybe the names alone will help. Anyone able to assist us in getting more information on this book, or finding other members of the family pleae email: Doug Reich

I purchased two bibles and they are written in Swedish. The first bible says Bibeln and inside the name Harrie Olson Pa. Konfirmatious a date and May 1896 and i Harris, Minn. It also has a embossed stamp that says, Eric Boman and a cross in the midele and In Hog Signo Vinces around it. also SW.EV.Luth, Pastor. Stockholm 1895. The Other is Bibeln Stockholm 1870. Written on first page is Tiu, Peter (cannot read this name)Carlston,looks like that. Handwritten looks like swedish and also wrote My mother died Jan.5, 1889. Inside bible is a xmas saying and Swedish prayer and pressed 4 leaf clover. Old but beautiful. If these names mean anything to anyone please email me. Thank you, Joyce

I have two old family bibles I am trying to reunite with decendants. First,1865,belonged to Philip and Matilda [Howe] Miller lived in mid 1800s in Ohio; second, William and Elizabeth George, [1866] Both bibles were found in northern Minnesota ddonovan@cpinternet.com

I recently purchased an old Bible from a flea market. The name written in the Bible is Charles V. Chase Dec. 20th 1890. His address is also included.1119 Brady Street Davenport Iowa. I am very interested in finding out more about it's original owner. Any help or information is very much appreciated! Patty

Found an old bible dated 1877. It was printed by A.J.Holman & Co., No. 930  Arch Street, Philadelphia. There is no family information but has the name, "Mrs. Betsey V. Hokinson" in gold lettering on the cover. The bible is in very good condition considering its age. Would like to reunite this with the proper family. It was found in St. Paul at a Goodwill Store. The cover is gold/black with Holy Bible in raised golden Script. Please contact me if you are part of this family please contact me. Kathy

My grandfather Halvor Hande (1870-1936) some time after 1892 purchased the following volume, which like a Family Bible, has a section for family records - HITCHCOCK'S NEW AND COMPLETE ANALYSIS OF THE HOLY BIBLE (New York, 1875). My grandparents did not enter their own family information into it. But there are a few records of ARNOLD and LEE families as follows:

"Albert C. Arnold and Annie M. Lee were joined in matrimony September 27th, 1875 at the village of Glencoe, McLeod Co., Minnesota by the Rev. A. Graves."

"Albert Clinton Arnold was born April 12th, 1855 A.D. at Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin."
"Annie Maria Arnold was born July 18th, 1855 at Frankfort, Herkimer Co., New York."
"Emma Winnifred Arnold was born May 8th, 1877 at Collins, McLeod County, Minnesota."
"Maud Alberta Arnold was born April 8th, 1879 at Hutchinson, McLeod Co., Minnesota."

"Albert Walter Lee died December 21st, 1892 at Minneapolis."

Since this volume does not have any special nostalgic value for our family, any proven descendants of this Arnold family may claim the volume for the price of postage and handling.

D'Arcy Hande, Saskatoon, Canada

OLD BIBLE.  I have in my possession a bible. The only name that appears inside Alma PEDERSON. The bible was apparently given to my great grandmother Tryphena BISHOP SWIFT.

I have a news clipping with a photo of Alma Pederson and other's. It is titled OPERA FOLKS AT THE AUTOMOBILE SHOW January 13, 1911.  also listed in the photo are Charles DALMORES, Mrs. Fred H. SNYDER, Jack LEWIS, Arthur ROSENSTEIN, and Alma PEDERSON. She was either the local manager of the opera season or a St. Paul singer. Hard to read the caption.

Any information even on these people would be nice. But who is Alma PEDERSON. Any relations please contact me. Thank you, Lynn Glocker Condley (I am the great granddaughter of George & Tryphena SWIFT..)

While on vacation this summer, I purchased a book from an antique store in Erskine, Minnesota: Kyrko-handbok för Augustana-Synoden (Rock Island, Illinois: Lutheran Augustana Book Concern, 1895). In this book are found several handwritten baptismal and burial records, possibly as entered by a visiting Swedish Lutheran pastor. These I have transcribed as best I can below:

Ivar Alfred, född 21 Febr. 1902 i Town af Eddy, döpt den 12 Aug. 1902.
Foräldrar, Peter Beckstrand, Mrs. Beckstrand. Föddrar, Ole Holm, och Lina Holm.
Hjalmar Olson (Sven Olsons barn) död den 4 Sept. 1902, begrafd. den 9.
Edgar Obigail, född i McIntosh den 18 Augusti 1901, döpt den 17 Augusti 1902. Foräldrar, Nils Tetterberg, Mrs. Tetterberg. Föddrar, Carl Larson och Carrie Larson.

Esther Linea, född i Columbia den 9 Augusti 1902, döpt den 28 September. Foräldrar, Swan B. Peterson, Christina Peterson. Föddrar, Mr. & Mrs. Östman.
Selma Christina [Boen?], den 4de july, 5 år den begrafden den 31 Augusti 92.
Esther Berthina, född i Columbia den 9 Januari 1898, döpt den 3 Januari
[sic]. Foräldrair, Alfred Hasselton, Mary Hasselton. Föddrar, Erik Dalen, Anna Dalen.

Camille Carl Hjalmar, född den 1st Februar 1899 i Town af Columbia, döpt den 23 April 1899. Foräldrar, Hans P. Nyhus, Martha Nyhus. Föddrar, Cecilia C. Torgeson, Maria A. Corneliusen, Albert B. Corneliusen, Hans P. Nyhus.

Aloe Helena, född den 12 Mai 1902 i Town af Lessor, döpt den 3 Aug. 1902. Foräldrar, Frank Johnson, Mrs. Johnson. Föddrar, H. Lundgren, Mrs. Lundgren.

Oscar Arthur, född i Lessor den [22?] januari 1896, döpt 12 juli 1896. Foräldrar, Frank Johnson, Hannah Johnson. Föddrar, Aron Sakrison, Mrs. Sakrison.
Johnay Clifert, född januari [23?] [99?], [no baptism date provided].
Foräldrar, Christ Grieson, Augusta Grieson. Föddrar, Charles Wahlstrom, Tilda Hasselton.

I also purchased at the antique store a well used, annotated Holman RSV Bible (1962), which was originally presented to Albert and Viola Hamre by "Aunt Emma Stolberg, Christmas 1963." In the front of this Bible are the following family records:

"This is to certify that Albert Hamre of Erskine and Viola Ness of Erskine were united by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Erskine on the 18 of Sept. in the year 1959, in the presence of Rueben & Alice Anderson" [not signed by the officiant].

Viola Hamre (Ness) [born?] July 9, 1903.
Albert Hamre [born?] Oct. 13, 1900.
An enclosure within the Bible is a Valentine's Day card "For a Sweet Aunt, Vi" with love from Jack.

None of these people are related to me, but I thought it might be good to "rescue" the dilapidated volumes before they moldered away any further. If anyone is interested in purchasing the original volumes from me at cost of purchase plus postage & handling, you can contact me at : D'Arcy Hande, Box 483, RPO University, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 4J8, CANADA.

I found a "Swedish Bible" in Havre, MT. The name on the inside cover is:  John E. Dehlborn. Willmar June 20th 1900. There are two newspaper clippings (in Swedish, I assume), a picture of a man (newspaper clipping) and a photo of two elderly women (no names), a copy of a poem, "UNDER MOTGANGEN", and a handwritten note. Sincerely, Margie Brubaker

I have three old leather bound Bibles which I believe may be German. The first one is 4"x 6"x 3/4" and is missing the first four pages so I have no information on the date, but there are some inscriptions in the back. They are very hard to read so I've included an image of it (# 1). It also has some maps of Jerusalem and other holy locations in the back. The second Bible is 9" x 5.5" x 2" and is in very good condition except for the spine of the book. There are several documents inside, images # 2 - #3 - #4# 5. There was also an obituary in it belonging to a Miss Julia I. Thompson of Vienna Township, who died in Moe hospital in Sioux Falls on February 11, 1916. The article mentions relatives coming from a long distance away. It says in part: "The services will be held...at Our Savior's Church...and also at the Blue Mound Church...[in Luverne, MN.]" Miss Thompson was born on Sept. 27, 1870 in Worth County Iowa, and came to Rock County with her parents in 1872. "They took up their home on the Thompson farm on section 8, Vienna...where the deceased...[lived with]...her brothers since the death of her parents." She was also survived by a brother Henry from Odell, Texas. The third Bible, which came with the set, has no personal inscriptions in it. This one is dated 1883 and is 9" x 6" x 1.4" in size.

If anyone has any information on this family's relatives or heirs, I would really appreciate it if you could forward their information to me. Also, If anyone has information they'd be willing to share on these Bibles that would be great too.

J.M. from South Dakota



I am desperately searching for an old Family Bible this Bible was published by N.Y. American Bible Society Institute in the year MDCCCXVI or 1816.
This Bible came from Indiana and contains valuable family information on the Sellers and Townsend Families.
Wondering if someone might have this Bible.
Thank you so much,
Sue Blind

EKE, Frank

I have an old Bible written in Swedish. I bought it years ago at an antiques store, possibly in Red Wing, MN.  It is inscribed (in Swedish) to Frank Eke. (Click here to see a scan of the inscription page.) The date is Dec. 24 (or 27), 1886. The Bible appears to have been printed in Stockholm in 1884. It is a small book - about 6" tall and 4" wide - and there are two 4-leaf clovers pressed inside.  I'd love to reunite it with this man's family, if anyone is interested in it! I can be contacted at liltingbelle@hotmail.com.

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I am looking for a piece of office or store furniture with a SCHLANSER label on it. Lable might say Fargo, North Dakota. Thank you! from Terryl Tvedten Wharton in Darien, Connecticut

We have a small lady's desk with fold up top, slide-out writing surface, small drawers and dividers, hand carved tulip leaves on the legs and a lyre under the desk . We are looking for any information. The only identifying marking is "The Daisy Line" and "Faribault, Minn" trade mark. Any information is appreciated. tjcummings@email.msn.com

I have purchased an old ladies desk. It appears to have been painted yellow &  beige. It's possible it could have been a secretary desk but it didn't come with a top. It's quite unique. The only marking is inside the top draw "The Daisy Line" Faribult, Minn. The sticker is black and yellow. I am interested in refinishing to original design, any help would be appreciated. msbehave33@aol.com

I own a beautiful desk marked "1919 Jan Pat. F Sohimmel Faribault Minn" If you are interested or have information please e-mail me at mitchell.shirley@pacificorp.com or contact me Shirley Mitchell, 6859 Vining Way # 711, Hillsboro Oregon 97124

I am looking for information about the Daisy Line Furniture, we have traveled to Faribault Minnesota and have looked through a lot of various catalogs and can find nothing that remotely looks like this table.
I think it is what is called a sofa table, has a mahogny finish and is about 5 feet long and about18 to 20 inches wide. It has bun feet which are offset from the legs. It has a small drawer in the front, with inlay (flowers yellow and orange) the inlay is also on the legs but that is in the shape of small diamond shapes.
Any information will be appreciated. It is a beautiful table.  Donna

I too, have a small desk with a pull down writing surface. In the drawer in the desk is a label marked "Daisy Line Fairbault Minn".
I would like to know the history of the company and more about its products.

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I have found in an Antique shop, in Brainerd MN, Antiques and Accents, 214 south 7th Street, Brainerd, MN 56401, 218-828-0724 an old TRUNK FROM NORWAY Johans O Liilebakhaugen, 1886, the trunk came from the Bradely Farm, homsteaded in 1873, Parkers Prairie MN , Ottertail Cty. Brothers came from Norway and worked there for money. Dianne M Bolling

I was wondering if you could put me on the right track. When I was a teenager, (I'm now 50), my mother traded to an antique dealer in Texas (who has long since passed away) an old set of hand forged German knife, fork and spoon, as I recollect in a wooden case w/latch. It had been passed down to the oldest daughter of each family who in turn, engraved their name and date. I believe the first dates were in the 1700's and the names engraved that I remember would have been Buchner or Buechner possibly. For sure, the name SIERK. My great grandmother was Mary Buchner Sierk (Mrs. Henry) and she grew up in Rice Co, Minn. near Faribault. When she married she moved to St. Louis., Mo. She married around 1885. So the date of her engraving would have probably been after marriage. I hope to some day, especially with the internet, have the opportunity of retrieving these heirlooms. Thanks for your time, Mary Ellen O'Bannon

I have an old treasure that may interest a descendant of a C.R. Pederson of Askov, Minn. It is an old, painted, handcrafted child's toy barn made from the wood of an apple crate that was stencilled, "C. R. Pederson, Askov, Minn." Perhaps the Pedersons had a store there. Anyone interested may contact me. Gail Von Bargen, 5215 Bloomington Ave. S., #1, Minneapolis, MN 55417, 612-729-4228

I'm requesting information about art work done by artist "Julia Greene, Creative Education Society, Mankato, MN. 1936" Are these depression WPA pictures? I got them from my mother. The only connection with Mankato would be her cousin's son, Professor Bill Hughes, American History teacher, who's daughter, Kitty Hughes was teaching the same when we met her several years ago, but we've not heard from her for several years. I have 6 large pictures. My curiousity is up about them.
Eloise Holden Jeno

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The old German newspaper "Ostfriesische Nachrichten" was published by Pastor L. Hündling [Huendling} in 1882 in Iowa as a connecting paper between the people in the new American settlements and die old homeland with news and events in Ostfriesland and the "New World". Later you could find this newspaper all over the U.S. and Ostfriesland.
For the period between 1882 and 1915 the issues were microfilmed around 20 - 30 years ago. According to a descendant of Pastor Huendling about 10 years ago, most of the issues between 1916 and 1971 got lost on the way to a processing center to be microfilmed.
Besides Rev. Kenneth DeWall and others, who published in the past some indexes of (only) obituaries, we started in 1997 reading each newspaper for 1882 - 1915 and 1916 - 1971 (single issues) from the front to the back and taking all of the personal data in obituaries and local news into computer files. We added also interesting stories about the events in the New World - especially for the German readers -.
So far we have listed 10,300 names of deceased between 1882 and 1915 plus 12,300 names of relatives, and until 1971 only 2,000 deceased / 5,000 relatives.
Now we are looking for issues of this newspaper between 1916 and 1971. The undersigned would appreciate your answer if you have access to those issues.
Thank you very much in advance for your help in preserving the data.
Hans-Georg Boyken, President
Ostfriesland-Society of Iowa, Inc.

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Family Records

SYVERSON Family Records

I have some items for the Syverson family which ended up in Spokane, WA. Perhaps the most important item is the original citizenship document for Peder Syverson dated 25 Jun1900 at Otter Tail County, MN. There is the original fire insurance policy for Cyrus and Lois Syverson who lived in Spokane, WA. Also, a physician's letter to Mr. C. Syverson regarding his mother, Mrs. Karaline Syverson. This letter is dated January 22, 1968. I have no idea whether a receipt for purchase of gravestone marker issued to Mr. Joseph Matte, Jr. in 1937 from the Sheldon Granite Company in Detroit, MI. and enscribed, "Beulah Wood Matte" is for the Syverson family, but it was with the other papers. There are two or three other papers/letters for the Syverson family, as well. I am willing to give these precious papers to the person who can prove they are a part of this family.

Rosemary Braun - Spokane, WA.

I have found a certificate from Norton, Winona Co. MN.  I think it is a baptismal certificate for Otto Johannes Hugo Gensmer born 6 Oct 1880, parents Ludwig Gensmer and Wilhelmine Schulz. witnesses Joachim Matthers, Maria Gensmer and Louise Schulz. pastor O H Keock (evangelical lutheran pastor). Would like this certificate to get back to the family.
Judy in Oregon City  or jwittke@ohs-inc.com

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I am looking for a copy or Original year book! 1935 Washington high school, St. Paul, Minnesota. My Mother is 85 and her family was to poor to buy one! Her family was from Hungary and was still trying to find there way here in America! Her birthday is Oct. 5, 2002, I would love to surprise her with a copie or Original, she say's she has never seen one! I have tried ever were to locate one!!! Please help!!! Please e-mail me at SSHROB@COMCAST.COM Thanks Rob (Please put subject)

   Hello, I have a Class of 1922 First Annual Commencement Exercises for June 1 for Magnolia High School, Magnolia, Minnesota. The Class Roll consists of Hazel H. Dean, Erma P. Palmer, Helen E. Lester, Sylvia S. Kienast. The Principal Geo. M. Lindsley, Assistant Miss Mryl Sholts, Assistant Mrs. Hilda Sims. Class Address given by Mr. J.B. Arp.
I have left messages on the surname boards for the surnames of Dean, Palmer, Lester, Kienast. Perhaps Magnolia High School would like their First Commencement booklet. I will send this to the first one that would like it. Sincerely, Clinton Beake  

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