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Sabin (city) -- Clay Co.
Sacred Heart (city) -- Renville Co.
Sacred Heart Twp. -- Renville Co.
Sago Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Salem Twp. -- Cass Co.
Salem Twp. -- Olmsted Co.
Salo Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
San Francisco Twp. -- Carver Co.
Sanborn (city) -- Redwood Co.
Sand Creek Twp. -- Scott Co.
Sand Lake Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Sanders Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Sandnes Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Sandstone (city) -- Pine Co.
Sandstone Twp. -- Pine Co.
Sandsville Twp. -- Polk Co.
Sandy Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Sanford Twp. -- Grant Co.
Santiago Twp. -- Sherburne Co.
Saratoga Twp. -- Winona Co.
Sargeant (city) -- Mower Co.
Sargeant Twp. -- Mower Co.
Sartell (city) (part of) -- Benton Co.
Sartell (city) (part of) -- Stearns Co.
Sauk Centre (city) -- Stearns Co.
Sauk Centre Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Sauk Rapids (city) -- Benton Co.
Sauk Rapids Twp. -- Benton Co.
Savage (city) -- Scott Co.
Savannah Twp. -- Becker Co.
Scambler Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Scandia Twp. -- Polk Co.
Scandia Valley Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Scanlon (city) -- Carlton Co.
Schoolcraft Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Schroeder Twp. -- Cook Co.
Sciota Twp. -- Dakota Co.
Scott Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Seaforth (city) -- Redwood Co.
Seavey Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Sebeka (city) -- Wadena Co.
Sedan (city) -- Pope Co.
Seely Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Selma Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Severance Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Seward Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Shafer (city) -- Chisago Co.
Shafer Twp. -- Chisago Co.
Shakopee (city) -- Scott Co.
Shamrock Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Shaokatan Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Sharon Twp. -- Le Sueur Co.
Shelburne Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Shelby Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Sheldon Twp. -- Houston Co.
Shell Lake Twp. -- Becker Co.
Shell River Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Shell Rock Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Shelly (city) -- Norman Co.
Shelly Twp. -- Norman Co.
Sherburn (city) -- Martin Co.
Sheridan Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Sherman Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Shetek Twp. -- Murray Co.
Shevlin (city) -- Clearwater Co.
Shevlin Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Shible Twp. -- Swift Co.
Shieldsville Twp. -- Rice Co.
Shingobee Twp. -- Cass Co.
Shooks Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Shoreview (city) -- Ramsey Co.
Shorewood (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Shotley Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Sibley Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Sibley Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Sigel Twp. -- Brown Co.
Silver Bay (city) -- Lake Co.
Silver Brook Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Silver Creek Twp. -- Lake Co.
Silver Creek Twp. -- Wright Co.
Silver Lake (city) -- McLeod Co.
Silver Lake Twp. -- Martin Co.
Silver Leaf Twp. -- Becker Co.
Silver Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Silverton Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Sinclair Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Sinnott Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Sioux Agency Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Sioux Valley Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Six Mile Grove Twp. -- Swift Co.
Skagen Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Skandia Twp. -- Murray Co.
Skane Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Skelton Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Skree Twp. -- Clay Co.
Skyline (city) -- Blue Earth Co.
Slater Twp. -- Cass Co.
Slayton (city) -- Murray Co.
Slayton Twp. -- Murray Co.
Sleepy Eye (city) -- Brown Co.
Sletten Twp. -- Polk Co.
Smiley Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Smoky Hollow Twp. -- Cass Co.
Sobieski (city) -- Morrison Co.
Sodus Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Solem Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Soler Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Solway (city) -- Beltrami Co.
Solway Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Somerset Twp. -- Steele Co.
South Bend Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
South Branch Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
South Fork Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
South Harbor Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
South Haven (city) -- Wright Co.
South Red River Twp. -- Kittson Co.
South St. Paul (city) -- Dakota Co.
Southbrook Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Southside Twp. -- Wright Co.
Spalding Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Spang Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Sparta Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Spencer Brook Twp. -- Isanti Co.
Spencer Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Spicer (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
Split Rock Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Splithand Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Spring Brook Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Spring Creek Twp. -- Becker Co.
Spring Creek Twp. -- Norman Co.
Spring Grove (city) -- Houston Co.
Spring Grove Twp. -- Houston Co.
Spring Hill (city) -- Stearns Co.
Spring Hill Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Spring Lake Park (city) (part of) -- Ramsey Co.
Spring Lake Park (city) (part of) -- Anoka Co.
Spring Lake Twp. -- Scott Co.
Spring Park (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Spring Prairie Twp. -- Clay Co.
Spring Valley (city) -- Fillmore Co.
Spring Valley Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Springdale Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Springfield (city) -- Brown Co.
Springfield Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Springvale Twp. -- Isanti Co.
Springwater Twp. -- Rock Co.
Spruce Grove Twp. -- Becker Co.
Spruce Grove Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Spruce Hill Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Spruce Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Spruce Valley Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Squaw Lake (city) -- Itasca Co.
St. Anthony (city) -- Stearns Co.
St. Anthony (city) (part of) -- Hennepin Co.
St. Anthony (city) (part of) -- Ramsey Co.
St. Augusta Twp. -- Stearns Co.
St. Bonifacius (city) -- Hennepin Co.
St. Charles (city) -- Winona Co.
St. Charles Twp. -- Winona Co.
St. Clair (city) -- Blue Earth Co.
St. Cloud (city) (part of) -- Sherburne Co.
St. Cloud (city) (part of) -- Benton Co.
St. Cloud (city) (part of) -- Stearns Co.
St. Cloud Twp. -- Stearns Co.
St. Francis (city) -- Anoka Co.
St. George Twp. -- Benton Co.
St. Hilaire (city) -- Pennington Co.
St. James (city) -- Watonwan Co.
St. James Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
St. Johns Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
St. Joseph (city) -- Stearns Co.
St. Joseph Twp. -- Kittson Co.
St. Joseph Twp. -- Stearns Co.
St. Lawrence Twp. -- Scott Co.
St. Leo (city) -- Yellow Medicine Co.
St. Louis Park (city) -- Hennepin Co.
St. Martin (city) -- Stearns Co.
St. Martin Twp. -- Stearns Co.
St. Mary Twp. -- Waseca Co.
St. Marys Point (city) -- Washington Co.
St. Mathias Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
St. Michael (city) -- Wright Co.
St. Olaf Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
St. Paul (city) -- Ramsey Co.
St. Paul Park (city) -- Washington Co.
St. Peter (city) -- Nicollet Co.
St. Rosa (city) -- Stearns Co.
St. Stephen (city) -- Stearns Co.
St. Vincent (city) -- Kittson Co.
St. Vincent Twp. -- Kittson Co.
St. Wendel Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Stacy (city) -- Chisago Co.
Stafford Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Stanchfield Twp. -- Isanti Co.
Stanford Twp. -- Isanti Co.
Stanley Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Stanton Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Staples (city) (part of) -- Todd Co.
Staples (city) (part of) -- Wadena Co.
Staples Twp. -- Todd Co.
Star Lake Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Star Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Starbuck (city) -- Pope Co.
Stark Twp. -- Brown Co.
Stately Twp. -- Brown Co.
Steamboat River Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Steen (city) -- Rock Co.
Steenerson Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Stephen (city) -- Marshall Co.
Sterling Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Stevens Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Stewart (city) -- McLeod Co.
Stewartville (city) -- Olmsted Co.
Stillwater (city) -- Washington Co.
Stillwater Twp. -- Washington Co.
Stockholm Twp. -- Wright Co.
Stockton (city) -- Winona Co.
Stokes Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Stokes Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Stoneham Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Stoney Brook Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Stony Brook Twp. -- Grant Co.
Stony River Twp. -- Lake Co.
Stony Run Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Storden (city) -- Cottonwood Co.
Storden Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Stowe Prairie Twp. -- Todd Co.
Straight River Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Strand Twp. -- Norman Co.
Strandquist (city) -- Marshall Co.
Strathcona (city) -- Roseau Co.
Sturgeon Lake (city) -- Pine Co.
Sturgeon Lake Twp. -- Pine Co.
Sturgeon Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Sugar Bush Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Sugar Bush Twp. -- Becker Co.
Sullivan Twp. -- Polk Co.
Summit Lake Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Summit Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Summit Twp. -- Steele Co.
Sumner Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Sumter Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Sunburg (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
Sundal Twp. -- Norman Co.
Sundown Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Sunfish Lake (city) -- Dakota Co.
Sunnyside Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Sunrise Twp. -- Chisago Co.
Svea Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Sverdrup Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Swan Lake Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Swan River Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Swanville (city) -- Morrison Co.
Swanville Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Swede Grove Twp. -- Meeker Co.
Swede Prairie Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Swedes Forest Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Sweet Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Swenoda Twp. -- Swift Co.
Sylvan Twp. -- Cass Co.
Synnes Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Tabor Twp. -- Polk Co.
Taconite (city) -- Itasca Co.
Tamarac Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Tamarack (city) -- Aitkin Co.
Tanberg Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Tansem Twp. -- Clay Co.
Taopi (city) -- Mower Co.
Tara Twp. -- Traverse Co.
Tara Twp. -- Swift Co.
Taunton (city) -- Lyon Co.
Taylor Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Taylor Twp. -- Traverse Co.
Taylors Falls (city) -- Chisago Co.
Tegner Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Teien Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Ten Lake Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Ten Mile Lake Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Tenhassen Twp. -- Martin Co.
Tenney (city) -- Wilkin Co.
Tenstrike (city) -- Beltrami Co.
Terrebonne Twp. -- Red Lake Co.
Thief Lake Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Thief River Falls (city) -- Pennington Co.
Third River Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Thomastown Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Thompson Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Thomson (city) -- Carlton Co.
Thomson Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Thorpe Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Three Lakes Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Thunder Lake Twp. -- Cass Co.
Tilden Twp. -- Polk Co.
Timothy Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Tintah (city) -- Traverse Co.
Tintah Twp. -- Traverse Co.
Toad Lake Twp. -- Becker Co.
Todd Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Tofte Twp. -- Cook Co.
Toivola Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Tonka Bay (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Toqua Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Tordenskjold Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Torning Twp. -- Swift Co.
Torrey Twp. -- Cass Co.
Tower (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Tracy (city) -- Lyon Co.
Trail (city) -- Polk Co.
Transit Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Traverse Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
Trelipe Twp. -- Cass Co.
Trimont (city) -- Martin Co.
Trommald (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Trondhjem Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Trosky (city) -- Pipestone Co.
Trout Lake Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Troy Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Troy Twp. -- Renville Co.
Truman (city) -- Martin Co.
Tumuli Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Tunsberg Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Turner Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Turtle Creek Twp. -- Todd Co.
Turtle Lake Twp. -- Cass Co.
Turtle Lake Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Turtle River (city) -- Beltrami Co.
Turtle River Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Twin Lakes (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Twin Lakes Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Twin Lakes Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Twin Valley (city) -- Norman Co.
Two Harbors (city) -- Lake Co.
Two Inlets Twp. -- Becker Co.
Two Rivers Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Tyler (city) -- Lincoln Co.
Tynsid Twp. -- Polk Co.
Tyro Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Tyrone Twp. -- Le Sueur Co.
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