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Townships and Cities in Minnesota
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Aastad Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Acoma Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Acton Twp. -- Meeker Co.
Ada (city) -- Norman Co.
Adams (city) -- Mower Co.
Adams Twp. -- Mower Co.
Adrian (city) -- Nobles Co.
Adrian Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Aetna Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Afton (city) -- Washington Co.
Agassiz Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Agder Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Agram Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Aitkin (city) -- Aitkin Co.
Aitkin Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Akeley (city) -- Hubbard Co.
Akeley Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Akron Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Akron Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Alango Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Alaska Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Alba Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Albany (city) -- Stearns Co.
Albany Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Albert Lea (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Albert Lea Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Alberta (city) -- Stevens Co.
Alberta Twp. -- Benton Co.
Albertville (city) -- Wright Co.
Albin Twp. -- Brown Co.
Albion Twp. -- Wright Co.
Alborn Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Alden (city) -- Freeborn Co.
Alden Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Alden Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Aldrich (city) -- Wadena Co.
Aldrich Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Alexandria (city) -- Douglas Co.
Alexandria Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Alfsborg Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Alliance Twp. -- Clay Co.
Alma Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Almond Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Alpha (city) -- Jackson Co.
Alta Vista Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Alton Twp. -- Waseca Co.
Altona Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Altura (city) -- Winona Co.
Alvarado (city) -- Marshall Co.
Alvwood Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Amador Twp. -- Chisago Co.
Amboy (city) -- Blue Earth Co.
Amboy Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Amherst Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Amiret Twp. -- Lyon Co.
Amo Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Amor Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Andover (city) -- Anoka Co.
Andover Twp. -- Polk Co.
Andrea Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Angora Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Angus Twp. -- Polk Co.
Ann Lake Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Ann Twp. -- Cottonwood Co.
Annandale (city) -- Wright Co.
Anoka (city) -- Anoka Co.
Ansel Twp. -- Cass Co.
Anthony Twp. -- Norman Co.
Antrim Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Apple Valley (city) -- Dakota Co.
Appleton (city) -- Swift Co.
Appleton Twp. -- Swift Co.
Arago Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Arbo Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Arco (city) -- Lincoln Co.
Arctander Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Arden Hills (city) -- Ramsey Co.
Ardenhurst Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Arena Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Arendahl Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Argyle (city) -- Marshall Co.
Arlington (city) -- Sibley Co.
Arlington Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Arlone Twp. -- Pine Co.
Arna Twp. -- Pine Co.
Arnold CDP -- St. Louis Co.
Arrowhead Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Arthur Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Arthur Twp. -- Traverse Co.
Artichoke Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Arveson Twp. -- Kittson Co.
Ash Lake Twp. -- Lincoln Co.
Ashby (city) -- Grant Co.
Ashland Twp. -- Dodge Co.
Ashley Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Askov (city) -- Pine Co.
Athens Twp. -- Isanti Co.
Atherton Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Atkinson Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Atlanta Twp. -- Becker Co.
Atwater (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
Audubon (city) -- Becker Co.
Audubon Twp. -- Becker Co.
Augsburg Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Augusta Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Ault Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Aurdal Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Aurora (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Aurora Twp. -- Steele Co.
Austin (city) -- Mower Co.
Austin Twp. -- Mower Co.
Automba Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Avoca (city) -- Murray Co.
Avon (city) -- Stearns Co.
Avon Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Babbitt (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Backus (city) -- Cass Co.
Badger (city) -- Roseau Co.
Badger Twp. -- Polk Co.
Badoura Twp. -- Hubbard Co.
Bagley (city) -- Clearwater Co.
Baker Twp. -- Stevens Co.
Balaton (city) -- Lyon Co.
Baldwin Twp. -- Sherburne Co.
Balkan Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Ball Bluff Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Balsam Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Balsam Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Bancroft Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Bandon Twp. -- Renville Co.
Bangor Twp. -- Pope Co.
Barber Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Barclay Twp. -- Cass Co.
Barnesville (city) -- Clay Co.
Barnesville Twp. -- Clay Co.
Barnett Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Barnum (city) -- Carlton Co.
Barnum Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Barrett (city) -- Grant Co.
Barry (city) -- Big Stone Co.
Barry Twp. -- Pine Co.
Barsness Twp. -- Pope Co.
Bartlett Twp. -- Todd Co.
Barto Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Bashaw Twp. -- Brown Co.
Bass Brook Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Bassett Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Bath Twp. -- Freeborn Co.
Battle Lake (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Battle Plain Twp. -- Rock Co.
Battle Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Baudette (city) -- Lake of the Woods Co.
Baxter (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Baxter Twp. -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Bay Lake Twp. -- Crow Wing Co.
Bayport (city) -- Washington Co.
Baytown Twp. -- Washington Co.
Bear Creek Twp. -- Clearwater Co.
Bear Park Twp. -- Norman Co.
Beardsley (city) -- Big Stone Co.
Bearville Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Beatty Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Beauford Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Beaulieu Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Beaver Bay (city) -- Lake Co.
Beaver Bay Twp. -- Lake Co.
Beaver Creek (city) -- Rock Co.
Beaver Creek Twp. -- Rock Co.
Beaver Falls Twp. -- Renville Co.
Beaver Twp. -- Aitkin Co.
Beaver Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Beaver Twp. -- Roseau Co.
Becker (city) -- Sherburne Co.
Becker Twp. -- Cass Co.
Becker Twp. -- Sherburne Co.
Bejou (city) -- Mahnomen Co.
Bejou Twp. -- Mahnomen Co.
Belfast Twp. -- Murray Co.
Belgium Twp. -- Polk Co.
Belgrade (city) -- Stearns Co.
Belgrade Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
Belle Creek Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Belle Plaine (city) -- Scott Co.
Belle Plaine Twp. -- Scott Co.
Belle Prairie Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Belle River Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Bellechester (city) (part of) -- Goodhue Co.
Bellechester (city) (part of) -- Wabasha Co.
Bellevue Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Bellingham (city) -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Belmont Twp. -- Jackson Co.
Beltrami (city) -- Polk Co.
Belvidere Twp. -- Goodhue Co.
Belview (city) -- Redwood Co.
Bemidji (city) -- Beltrami Co.
Bemidji Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Ben Wade Twp. -- Pope Co.
Bena (city) -- Cass Co.
Bennington Twp. -- Mower Co.
Benson (city) -- Swift Co.
Benson Twp. -- Swift Co.
Benton Twp. -- Carver Co.
Benville Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Bergen Twp. -- McLeod Co.
Berlin Twp. -- Steele Co.
Bernadotte Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
Bertha (city) -- Todd Co.
Bertha Twp. -- Todd Co.
Beseman Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Bethel (city) -- Anoka Co.
Beulah Twp. -- Cass Co.
Big Bend Twp. -- Chippewa Co.
Big Falls (city) -- Koochiching Co.
Big Lake (city) -- Sherburne Co.
Big Lake Twp. -- Sherburne Co.
Big Stone Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Big Woods Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Bigelow (city) -- Nobles Co.
Bigelow Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Bigfork (city) -- Itasca Co.
Bigfork Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Bingham Lake (city) -- Cottonwood Co.
Birch Cooley Twp. -- Renville Co.
Birch Creek Twp. -- Pine Co.
Birch Lake Twp. -- Cass Co.
Birch Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Birchdale Twp. -- Todd Co.
Birchwood Village (city) -- Washington Co.
Bird Island (city) -- Renville Co.
Bird Island Twp. -- Renville Co.
Biscay (city) -- McLeod Co.
Bismarck Twp. -- Sibley Co.
Biwabik (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Biwabik Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Black Hammer Twp. -- Houston Co.
Black River Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Blackberry Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Blackduck (city) -- Beltrami Co.
Blackhoof Twp. -- Carlton Co.
Blaine (city) (part of) -- Anoka Co.
Blaine (city) (part of) -- Ramsey Co.
Blakeley Twp. -- Scott Co.
Blind Lake Twp. -- Cass Co.
Blomkest (city) -- Kandiyohi Co.
Bloom Twp. -- Nobles Co.
Bloomer Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Bloomfield Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Blooming Grove Twp. -- Waseca Co.
Blooming Prairie (city) (part of) -- Dodge Co.
Blooming Prairie (city) (part of) -- Steele Co.
Blooming Prairie Twp. -- Steele Co.
Bloomington (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Blowers Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Blue Earth (city) -- Faribault Co.
Blue Earth City Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Blue Hill Twp. -- Sherburne Co.
Blue Mounds Twp. -- Pope Co.
Blueberry Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Bluffton (city) -- Otter Tail Co.
Bluffton Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Bock (city) -- Mille Lacs Co.
Bogus Brook Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Bondin Twp. -- Murray Co.
Boon Lake Twp. -- Renville Co.
Borgholm Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Borup (city) -- Norman Co.
Bovey (city) -- Itasca Co.
Bowlus (city) -- Morrison Co.
Bowstring Twp. -- Itasca Co.
Boxville Twp. -- Marshall Co.
Boy Lake Twp. -- Cass Co.
Boy River (city) -- Cass Co.
Boy River Twp. -- Cass Co.
Boyd (city) -- Lac Qui Parle Co.
Bradbury Twp. -- Mille Lacs Co.
Bradford Twp. -- Isanti Co.
Bradford Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Braham (city) (part of) -- Isanti Co.
Braham (city) (part of) -- Kanabec Co.
Brainerd (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Branch (city) -- Chisago Co.
Brandon (city) -- Douglas Co.
Brandon Twp. -- Douglas Co.
Brandrup Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Brandsvold Twp. -- Polk Co.
Brandt Twp. -- Polk Co.
Bray Twp. -- Pennington Co.
Breckenridge (city) -- Wilkin Co.
Breckenridge Twp. -- Wilkin Co.
Breezy Point (city) -- Crow Wing Co.
Breitung Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Bremen Twp. -- Pine Co.
Brevator Twp. -- St. Louis Co.
Brewster (city) -- Nobles Co.
Bricelyn (city) -- Faribault Co.
Bridgewater Twp. -- Rice Co.
Brighton Twp. -- Nicollet Co.
Brislet Twp. -- Polk Co.
Bristol Twp. -- Fillmore Co.
Brockway Twp. -- Stearns Co.
Brook Park (city) -- Pine Co.
Brook Park Twp. -- Pine Co.
Brookfield Twp. -- Renville Co.
Brooklyn Center (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Brooklyn Park (city) -- Hennepin Co.
Brooks (city) -- Red Lake Co.
Brookston (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Brookville Twp. -- Redwood Co.
Brooten (city) (part of) -- Stearns Co.
Brooten (city) (part of) -- Pope Co.
Browerville (city) -- Todd Co.
Browns Creek Twp. -- Red Lake Co.
Browns Valley (city) -- Traverse Co.
Browns Valley Twp. -- Big Stone Co.
Brownsdale (city) -- Mower Co.
Brownsville (city) -- Houston Co.
Brownsville Twp. -- Houston Co.
Brownton (city) -- McLeod Co.
Bruce Twp. -- Todd Co.
Bruno (city) -- Pine Co.
Bruno Twp. -- Pine Co.
Brunswick Twp. -- Kanabec Co.
Brush Creek Twp. -- Faribault Co.
Buckman (city) -- Morrison Co.
Buckman Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Buffalo (city) -- Wright Co.
Buffalo Lake (city) -- Renville Co.
Buffalo Twp. -- Wright Co.
Buh Twp. -- Morrison Co.
Buhl (city) -- St. Louis Co.
Bull Moose Twp. -- Cass Co.
Bullard Twp. -- Wadena Co.
Bungo Twp. -- Cass Co.
Burbank Twp. -- Kandiyohi Co.
Burke Twp. -- Pipestone Co.
Burleene Twp. -- Todd Co.
Burlington Twp. -- Becker Co.
Burnhamville Twp. -- Todd Co.
Burns Twp. -- Anoka Co.
Burnstown Twp. -- Brown Co.
Burnsville (city) -- Dakota Co.
Burton Twp. -- Yellow Medicine Co.
Burtrum (city) -- Todd Co.
Buse Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Butler Twp. -- Otter Tail Co.
Butterfield (city) -- Watonwan Co.
Butterfield Twp. -- Watonwan Co.
Butternut Valley Twp. -- Blue Earth Co.
Buzzle Twp. -- Beltrami Co.
Bygland Twp. -- Polk Co.
Byron (city) -- Olmsted Co.
Byron Twp. -- Cass Co.
Byron Twp. -- Waseca Co.
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