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My name is Stacey Lloyd from Indiana. I am searching for my grandparents which I have lost contact with. Their names are Irving and Betty Vogt and live in Park Rapids, Hubbard county. I have not been able to contact them for over a year, They have had the same address and phone number for the 28 years that I have known them and all of the sudden there gone. I do not know any other family members. anyone with any information e-mail me @
Stacey Lloyd
Jan 2004
Searching for parents of John Francis BAYNES who was b. 1877 in MN.
Nancy Leavitt
Jan 2004
MADDUX, Tom, Tommy or Thomas. born in Douglas, Arizona about 1912 and died About 1947 in Minnesota. Tommy was the son of Lenard Herbert (Herb) Maddux & Lena Thatcher Waters. I don't know where but he owned a candy store with a bookie joint in the back. He was in the Navy and was never married. does anyone have any information on Tommy?
Jan 2004
My ancestors arrived (according to the 1882 history of Minnesota) in Camden in 1876. It says that Camden is a small township near york. The 1880 census states they were in York, Fillmore, MN. I cannot trace a Camden near this York. I have found a Camden in Carver county MN, but this is not near York. I am lost and confused! any ideas. Most grateful.
Jan 2004
If anybody is researching the LITTLE family that contains this woman I would appreciate it if they would get hold of me.
In going thru some old papers from my mother's estate, I found a scrapbook sent to her by her sister-in-law, my paternal aunt that contained many documents and pictures pertaining to my father and his family and our family. Included in the scrapbook is a 1927 obit for the above named woman but it does not spell out a connection to our family. The only possible connection that I can see is the street address that she died at, which was her son's residence, 1919 Autumn Avenue, which would seem to be on the east side of St. Paul from other references. However, I do not find that street name in present map books and am wondering if it could possibly be the house that I grew up in and the street name was changed at some point.
Jan 2004
Josephine Olson & dtr. Eliz., 1880's, Minn.?
I am searching for information regarding Josephine Olson, born January 8, 1854 in Sogndal, Norway. She emigrated from Norway after this date, possibly to Minnesota. She had a daughter named Elizabeth, born September 13, 1885. Josephine and her daughter left for Michigan around 1892. Around 1898, Josephine married a man by the name of Carey in Michigan.
Appreciate any info. Thanks!
R. Peterson
Jan 2004

Particularly William Witte, brother of Augusta Wilhelmina Witte - Emigrated from Pommern to the 1882. I have information to exchange with Edward L. Smith. Please contact me.
Verla Sheppard
Feb 2004

On behalf of a good friend, Ninni Naes in Umeå, Sweden, we are looking for informations about Ninni’s husbands grandmother Maria Christina Nilsdotter, married Petterson Nes (Naes). She was born Sep 10th 1879 in Vilhelmina, Sweden.
Her parents: Nils Larsson, b 1856 (in Vilhelmina) and Christina Andersdotter, b 1852 (in Norway).
1903 Maria married Ola Petterson Nes (also spelled Olaf Peterson), b Jun 22nd 1850 in Selbu, Norway.
Apr 3rd 1907 they emigrated to USA. They left from Trondheim in Norway to Halifax. Name of the ship between Norway and England was Salomo and the shipping line was Allan (their number in the passenger list in Trondheim is 1222 and 1223).
As far as we believe they settled in Perley, Pennington, Minnesota. That is the town they gave when they departed from Trondheim and in one of very few saved letters from her she mentions Pennington but don’t give much more information on that.
After a couple of years Olaf Peterson died. We don’t know what year he died, sometime between 1907 and 1921. In 1921 Maria remarried a Mr Larson (from Norway). According to a Death Certificate from the state of California (state file number: 71-118715, local registration district and certificate number: 7097-038490; her social security number is 555-12-5117), she had lived in the state of California for 55ys at the time of her death. As she died in 1971 she could have moved to California about 1916, but at least some time between 1916 and 1921. She probably moved directly from Minnesota to the Los Angeles area, maybe from Pennington county, but we don’t know for sure.
Maria Christina Nilsdotter/Nilson – married Peterson/Nes – remarried Larson, was born 10 of Sep 1879 according to the Swedich church records. Her year of birth has in US been changed to 1878 according to the Certificate of death. She died 8 of Sep 1971 in Rosemead, California.
Would it be possible to find Ola Peterson in some cemetery records or death record, and Ola and Maria in some census in Pennington county? We would be very, very glad to find any information about them.
Roland Tidstrom and Ninni Naes.
Please email us both.
Mar 2004

Am looking for info on the parents of Andrew Oddson, married to Mathilda Jorgenson ( born in 1870) They had 7 children. Lillian,Clarissa, Harlan, Colona, Wendell Belmont, Texas Melbourne and LaVail.
I have much info on the Jorgenson side but can find nothing on the Oddson surname Thanks
Mar 2004

I am looking for info on John Dominowski (1834-1933) who was married to an unknown woman of Irish descent. It was said that he lived just west of Fairmont, Mn.. A group of men went on a buffalo hunting trip to South Dakota. When they returned the village had been in a prairie fire. It was said that no one that was left behind survived. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Kris
Mar 2004

SJOBERG, Johan Axel and Anna Johanna Johnsdotter Olson immigrated to America from Goteborg, Sweden in 1901 and 1902. They changed their name from Andersson before leaving. And lived in Minnapolis, MN.
Their offspring included two girls and five boys. Anna J. Romain and Clarice V. Bair; and Joel A., France R., Albin L., Carl O. and Sigurd B. Sjoberg.
At least one of these individuals was married twice: Joel A. to Gertride Graff and Caroline Knapp.
Any information regarding these individuals and/or their offspring will be extremely helpful in terms of a fifteen year study.
J Harrold
Mar 2004

Looking for any decendents of Dennis RICE and Theresa RASCH-RICE and the KRUEGERS. Decendents of Edward and his 15 children, my grandmother was Inna KRUGER and married Clifford Collins, brother of Ambrose, Johnny, and 2 others (5 total) If there are any of you out-there please e-mail me
Denice Collins
Mar 2004

Looking for Fred W. PORTER died Mn. l886 or 1887 Wife Pearl PORTER Jeannie or Eliabeth. Son George Porter May 20 l887. adopted Hastings Mn by Lillian and Wilbur FRANK Named Wilbur Frank. Fred Porter Father W.H. Porter l841 CivilWar Died l927 North Port Michagan Married Eliaabeth M Dowland. His Father And Mother not sure May be Wi.lliam Porter and Elizabeth Fillibrown birth and death . William Porter RI, Eliazabeth Mass.
Apr 2004

Looking for the KOSCIANSKI Family, father: Martoin, mother Magdalena nee: KRAMER. Both born in Poland. Came to America in 1883. Children:
Joseph J., Agnes F., Frances, Catherine, Verna and Jenny
All the children were born in Winona, MN.
Apr 2004

My GG grandfather, John Fleming/Flemming was an engineer and/or fireman on the Soo Line RR and a resident of Wisconsin. He was killed in a train wreck around St. Paul (so I'm told and thru obituary's of his children). I'm trying to get more info on this train wreck.
Jean Miller (Fleming)
Aug 2004

Looking for information on Joseph Maserek (German/Pole) and wife Marya Bernard Kowska
They had six sons - John J., Frank, Walter, Matthew, Ike and Anton.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Faye Massey
Sep 2004

Harry Ridgewell: born around 1892, MY Great grandfather name was Bridgewell from England. My Grandmother was Vera Ridgewell. From Duluth MN. Her maiden name Was Storty. She was born around 1902. Anyone with Info on this can email me Kathleen
Sep 2004

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