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Jo Feistner
I'm trying to find any info available about my mother's sister, Alma SCHAUB. She lived in Albert Lea, MN and was married to a man named (I think) Dolphus or Dolfus, or possibly Adolph. In 1968 she was 81years old. Thanks for any info you can send me.
Jan 08 2002
Donna Mcfarlane
I have a picture of a Lorena McFARLANE graduating class of between 1900 and 1905 University of Minneapolis. believe she taught in Minneapolis and according to back of picture may be daughter of William McFarlane. because of there being three of the same picture in our McFarlane group of pictures I feel she must have been a close relative and he father may have come from Ontario. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Jan 10 2002
Gerald Anderson
I am searching for information about the descendants of ANDREW EIDE, who came from Sand in Ryfylke in Norway about 1878. His wife's name was STINE CATRINE from Hetland, Bjoa in Olen. Andrew and Stine had children:
Bertha, Edvard and Arthur.
Supposedly they came to Webster City, Iowa in 1878 and moved on after that.
Jan 24 2002
Ephraim SHAVER bought federal land in 1882 in MN, registered in Springfield MO?? I'd like to know where this is???
Database = Springfield, MO
Land Sales Records, 1833-1892
Land Record record for EPHRAIM SHAVER
Date: 09 Sep 1882
Location: MN,
Document #: 3181
Serial #: MN1010__.122
Acres: 140.7500
Meridian or Watershed: 5TH
Parcel: Township 134 N, Range 42 W, Section 26
Jan 24 2002
Sharol Fletcher
Looking for information on Reinhold Nimmick family. August Nimmick b.Germany d. Mar 16, 1932 in Wadena, Minnesota. Richard Nimmick b. Germany d. Nov 12, 1995 Lake Park, Becker County, Minnesota There are 7 other siblings:
Edward Nimmick
Alice Nimmick
Esther Nimmick
Fred Nimmick
Lena Nimmick
Arnold Nimmick
Nimmick children born: 1899-1919 (some born in Germany) Any information appreciated. Jan 26 2002
Tim and Angie Reynalds
I had an Aunt who said she was born in Brycelon, MN in 1902. Do you know the location of the records for this place? I have yet to find anyone who knows of it or where it was located. Thank you for your help.
Feb 08 2002
Jenny Gray
Looking for the marriage of a Trine RASMUSSEN to Hans Peder NIELSEN in Minnesota, 1889. Both were Danish born and returned to Denmark in 1898. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Feb 28 2002
Karen Brown Invalid email address 24 May 2019
Am looking for any information on August MEYER. My records show him living in MN. He had 3 children that we know of. Anna, my grandmother, married Roy CHRISTENSON in 1910. Mary, married Charles BURNSIDE, William and Joe. Any information on any of these people.
Feb 28 2002
Pat DeTienne
Looking for information on Nellie (Lauver) WRIGHT b. about 1881 in IA. and husband, David Wright or descendants.
Father: Joseph Amon Lauver
Mother: Sarah Emily Pack.
Thanks for your help.
Feb 28 2002
Lucy Stauring
Looking for a Lewis BUCHANAN known to be in Minnesota in 1932. He was born c.1866, to John Lewis and Helen (Pooler) Buchanan. Need additional info -
Mar 02 2002
Kelly Petit
I'm trying to find out what happened to my mother's two aunts who emigrated to Minnesota.
1.Nilsine Cecilia aka Sine Nilsdtr Tysse (or could be Skard) emigrated to Madison, Minnesota. She was born in Tysse, Samnanger, Hordaland, Norway in 1886. She left Norway on April 17, 1910 onboard the Canadian Pacific. She married someone called Swanson (probably a Swede).
2. Anna Nilsdtr Tysse (or Skard) emigrated to Redwing, Minnesota on April 28, 1921 onboard Skand Amerika Linje III. She was born in Tysse, Samnanger, Hordaland, Norway in 1895. She married someone called Högberg/Hoegbergh...probably a Swede too. At least one of them should have children from what my mother says. The family lost touch with them after my grandfather (their brother) died in 1929. I would appreciate all help.
Mar 03 2002
Sherry Routhier
Do you know of any way to request a birth certificate from Minnesota for 1844, if you don't know the county? I know the name and date of birth of my gg grandfather, but have no idea of the county. Any help greatly appreciated.
Mar 12 2002
Kimberly Sandquist
I'm looking for any and all information on the BELDO family. The family I am working on came form Lapland county of Finland. They first came to Michigan (which I believe some relatives are still living there) and then to Minnesota (which I believe some relatives are still living there). From Minnesota some Beldo's came to Washington state. I'm looking for help from anyone with the last name of Beldo or any relatives of the Beldo family.
Apr 19 2002
Clarence Danger
Ira DANGER Searching for information on Ira Danger who lived in Minnesota sometime in the 1800's or early 1900's. I don't know where. Wife was named Frances, but she was called "Bonnie" I think this was because her last name was Beaudine (not sure of that spelling) He would have been a farmer, and I know they had ten children. My father was born in 1917 in Hardin county Iowa, so they moved some time before 1917. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.
Apr 22 2002
John Knecht
William John KNECHT, youngest son of John and Dorothea (Kurz) Knecht was born October 6, 1866 in New Haven, Connecticut. Shortly after the death of his mother William left New Haven about 1900. It was rumored that William had moved out west, but it is not known where? Found in the Civil War pension papers of John Knecht, father of William, is a letter from Merrill, Plymouth County, Iowa. This letter, from a Mrs. Frank Kowalski to the Pension Office, Washington, DC, requested the address of John Knecht who served in the Civil War from New Haven. The accuracy of the data contained in this letter would suggest that it was obtained from a source who had knowledge and was familiar with this information. I believe the source of this information was William Knecht? Frank Kowalski, this women's husband, worked as a carpenter as did William Knecht. Most of the carpenters, back in these days, traveled hundreds of miles in search of work building houses and barns. There is good reason to believe that William passed through Merrill and then moved on to another state? The reason Mrs. Kowalski wrote this letter may never be known, however, I believe it had something to do with William Knecht? Need any information on William Knecht!
Jun 22 2002
Bonnie R. Olson
I am searching for the burial place of Anna Joanne (OLSON ) SABOE born 20 July 1866 married Frederick SABOE possibly in Iowa or Illinois. She died 17 April 1902 in Minnesota, Her obituary was published in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal on April 24, 1902, stating her cause of death and that the funeral services were held from the Presbyterian church conducted by Rev Meisel, pastor of the Norwegian Lutheran church of Fergus Falls. It also states that "the remains were laid to rest in the church cemetery" and states that she died from pneumonia and inflammation of the bowel. May have been living in or near Dawson or Fergus Falls at the time. She was the mother of five children. After her death, the children were sent to Iowa to be raised by relatives. All I know of Frederick Saboe, but he died in Fort Dodge, Iowa on 23 Nov. 1933 at the age of 72 years. Anna Joanne (Olson) Saboe was the sister of my husband's paternal grandfather. Her grandchildren do not know where she is buried and they would very much like to have that information. I regret that I do not have more precise information as to where they were living at the time of her death. Anything available will be appreciated. E-mail me your address for reimbursement.
Jul 22 2002
Does any one know of a Place called Chain Lake Center- circa 1878? If so, can you tell me which county it was in...I have tried looking under towns that have changed names but have had no luck. Aug 11 2002
Charlotte Brown
I am starting to research the LARS NELSON (NILSEN) FAMILY. This is all the information I have, to date.
Lara Nelson and Sigrid Ardersdatter had five children
1) Nels
2) Andrew
3) Carrie
4) Serina
5) Anton Sigrid died 1878
Then Lars married Johanna Pedersdatter Sagmoen in 1880, and they had seven children:
1) Siri married Henry Halvorsen
2) Ole married Selma Berg
3) Inger married Edward Svingen
4) Lisa married Ole Halvorsen
5) Peder married Nora Hanson
6) Dorand married Nora Udseth
7) Anna married Einar Olsen Nasset
I believe that they may have resided close to Dalton. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am looking for information on the following family. MARTIN BERGH and ANNA NELSON (probably Nilsdatter) children: Martha -- believe married Unknown Anderson Borghild -- born 22 January 1889 in Gary, MN Does anyone have any knowledge of this family? It is my brick wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help.
Aug 30 2002
J Magee
I am looking for a family, the son's name originally was Edward Elmer GOLSHAGEN, eventually was adopted by his stepfather, so his name became Edward Elmer OLSON. birthdate 1870. Eventually became a foster son of Mrs Sunde of Waseca , County, Minnesota. I would appreciate any leads available. Thanks in advance.
Sep 06 2002
Mary Nicklas
I am searching for a family of EAMON children who according to their father's obit in 1927 were all living in Minnesota. Following are their names Clarence, Elsie believed married a John Pursell or Purcell, Esther, Mable married 29 Feb 1928 a Robert L. Maxton, Robert , Walter, Gertrude, William, Lester.
Sep 10 2002
Sharee Habbe
Looking for information about William R. Seger and wife, Anozonetta O. (Small) Seger. They lived in the Minneapolis area. He was born 1854, died 1902. She was born 1855, death date unknown.
Oct 21 2002
Peggy Rasche
I am trying the locate the death date and place for an ancestor of mine. Adelaide Girouard DUPONT died after 1870 in Minnesota. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Nov 08 2002
sandra glick
Minnesota Walter CLARKE unknown county/city moved to state of Washington.
Dec 07 2002
Erinlee Invalid email address 24 May 2019
I am researching my father's LEE family. My father's name was Frank Oliver Lee. He was born in St. James Minnesota on October 19, 1891 to Peter (Per) Lee and Mary (Marit)Lee. He was baptized on July 10, 1892 according to the records of the Long Lake Lutheran Congregation, and a copy of the certificate was signed by a Pastor A. (?) Daniels and witnessed by:
1)Torkild(?) ans Lena Lien
2)Charles Bugten(?)
3)Anna Horten(?) on January 19, 1957.
My father had requested the birth and baptismal certificate as he had come to Weldon, Saskatchewan, Canada with his parents in 1902 when he was eleven years old and before immigration records were kept between the U.S.A. and Canada in the great plains region. My father had the following brother and sisters: Severt, Anna Torina, Lena, Pauline, Inga, and Mabel (now all deceased). I know that he had relatives in the St. James region as I have an old post card from St. James, Mn postmarked 1904 from a " cousin Bertina". Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to trace my family back to Norway.
Dec 14 2002
Eric Ruffing Invalid email address 24 May 2019
I am looking for anyone in MN with the surname FOY around the year 1919. Thank you December 23, 2002
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