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June  2001- December 2001

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Ralph Shade
I'm trying to track the ancestry of my maternal grandmother, Edith SHADE, nee' STANDAFER. She was born in the 1890's, and I believe died before I was born in 1961. She was married to Ralph Burdette Shade, who died in 1979. Any informationou might have would be appreciated.
Jun 25 2001
Mats Karlsson
Looking for Karl Albin Karlsson, born 1895 i Sweden. Left for Minnesota in 1914 to avoid being drafted. The family has never heard of him since. He may have spelled his name differently (Carl Carlsson or Carl Carlson, maybe) and lied about his age since his was young when he ran away from home. Appreciate any theories - this is an 87 year old mystery still waiting to be solved.
Jun 28 2001
Deanna Carufel
I'm looking for any information on a Scot H. PORTER. He is listed as the father on my grandfather's birth certificate. My grandfather is Delmar V. Porter and he was born in the town of Heier September 17, 1907. I don't know where to locate records of a town that no longer exists. There is Native American descent. I am also searching that route. 1882 is the closest birth date I can locate for Scot. Help!!
Jul 06 2001
Ron Merritt
Who was the father of Bert U. MERRITT of Minn.? Although Ora J. Bragg and Bert Merritt seem to be frequently listed in their databases, I have not yet reliably determined Bert's parents. I believe possibly Cassius Clay Merritt but I don't know. Here is why I have on Bert:
Bert U. Merritt was born about1883, and died May 9, 1964 in Virginia, St. Louis County, Minnesota. He married Ora Jeanette Bragg 1900, daughter of Barnabus Bragg and Mary Cornman. Ora was born December 20, 1883 in Lost Creek, Pierce County, Wisconsin, and died March 2, 1956 in Mountain Iron, St. Louis County, Minnesota.
Children of Bert Merritt and Ora Bragg were:
2 i. Clinton Herbert Merritt, born January 18, 1905; died April 18, 1979 in Hibbing, St. Louis County, Minnesota.
More About Clinton Merritt: Residence: Pengilly, Itasca County, Minnesota
3 ii. Truman Merritt, born November 19, 1906 in Minnesota.
4 iii. Clyde Merritt, born 1908.
5 iv. Genevieve Merritt, born 1913.
6 v. Inez Merritt, born October 8, 1902.
7 vi. LiAnna Merritt.
8 vii. Ora Merritt.
9 viii. Florence Belle Merritt, born July 24, 1919.
Something I have been trying to figure out for a long time is--who were the parents of Second Lt. Thomas J. Merritt, died Oct 11, 1944 in Europe? He entered the Army from St. Louis County and was a member of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regt. at the time of death. Thomas J. Merritt is listed on the WWII Veterans Roll of Honor in Duluth, Minn. Not listed on the Roll of Honor is the fact that he is buried at the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten, Holland.
Although I believe that I have pretty decent records on early day Merritt family members from the Duluth, St. Louis County area, I have been able to determine who was the father of Thomas J. Merritt.
Jul 08 2001
Billy Invalid email address 24 May 2019
Looking for info on Adam SAHLBERG, died in Viking, MN, >1940<1950
Jul 08 2001
Looking for a John Mullet (or Mullett) around 1885-1890. Born around 1858 in Ohio, mother was Fanny Mullet Kinnett and father Frederick Mullet.
Jul 14 2001
I am looking for information on Corbin DARBY born November 1895 in Missouri and died December 1965 in Minnesota, unknown county. Did Corbin Darby have a wife and children? Any help would be appreciated.
Jul 15 2001
Judy Dalluge
Search for: Wilhelm DALLUGE b.1887, entered MN est.1892. Looking for parents and information on Wilhelm who m.Opal Clarice Texas. Thank you.
Jul 16 2001
Jan Blanchfield
I am interested in finding information on the HAWKINS family of Minnesota. My grandmother was Anna Hawkins,b 10/12/1873 Frankford MN. She married Edwin KILBURN and they lived in Spring Valley MN. Anna had at least 5 siblings and perhaps more from a stepmother. Thank you.
Jul 19 2001
Alvera Young
I am looking for my grandfather Anders Gustaf BERGSTROM, immigrated to MN in 1869. I think he first located is Isanti county, but the federal census seems to be incomplete at that time in that county. I also looked in the 1870 census in Anoka County because I think Cambridge was county seat at that time. Can you tell me if there is a complete 1870 census for Cambridge and North Branch, Isanti County? I need to actually look at the census. Thank you.
Jul 31 2001
Looking for any info on Thomas RYANT/RIANT. Have a good day.
Aug 02 2001
Peg Kelly Invalid email address 24 May 2019
Looking for RONAN family related to KATHERINE McCABE and WILLIAM RYAN (SHANAHAN) family in Norwalk Connecticut.
Aug 03 2001
Joseph M. Dennison
Looking for Pearl PERRY or PEERY, born 1891? in Minnesota, father Marion PERRY or PEERY. Family lived in South Webster, Bloom Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio. All other siblings born in Ohio. No idea why or where she was born in Minnesota. Any info appreciated. Rena Dennisonn
Aug 05 2001
Vance Peterson
I am looking for information on my grandfather, Oscar PETERSON, b. 1/1/79, died 1944 ish. hailed from the St. Paul area. All I know is that his parents died when he was about 8 yrs old. Believed to have no brothers or sisters. Am looking for information on his parents.
Aug 07 2001
I am looking for a starting point for my grandmother's family. Her name was Alice Melinda ENGAN b 12-Dec-1889 in MN. Her mother's name was Karen Sorenson, her father's last name was Engan after he came to the US from Canada, before he crossed the border it was (and I am guessing as to the spelling) Flaudhaus. Alice Married Jacob FRENCH after W.W.I they lived in MN and she had two children there, Katherine and William. My father, their oldest child was born in New Orleans, LA. Alice died Nov 1969. If anyone has any information I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you - Karen
Aug 07 2001
Suzanne Lisson
LEESON / LISSON - Christopher LISSON b. 1822 in Bandon,Co. Cork m. Catherine DUKE b. 1821 Clune,Co. Leitrim. They were married and had 3 children in Wolford,Grenville Co.,Ontario but disappear after the 1851 census. Rumour is they moved to Mnnesota and spelled their name LEESON as it was pronouced. I only have initials for two of the children - daughter E.F. (probably Eliza Frances) b. 1845 in Wolford; son C.A. (possibly Christopher) b. 1846 in Wolford ; and son William C. b. 1849 in Wolford. Did they move to MN?
Aug 08 2001
Please lookup Martin BLACKMER/ BLACKMORE born abt 1838, wife name is Harriett Porter born abt 1844, son John Frances born in Minnesota, unknown city, county, in 1866. I need to find out what city, county and place John was born or maybe a census. Thank you.
Aug 15 2001
Renanne Baker Invalid email address 24 May 2019
Searching for great uncle thought to have gone to Baudette, Mn. and never heard from again. His name was Robert HOLLINGSWORTH and he left Iowa sometime around 1900. Was said to have bought land there sight unseen and had gone to see it. ANY clues appreciated.
Aug 23 2001
Judy Dalluge
My ggrandfather, William WHELAN (WHALEN) b1857came into MN 1876. He married Margaret SHERLOCK of Sibley County ~ 29 July 1878. I would like to find:
1.. His Declaration and Oath (turns 21 in 1878)
2.. His birth parents
3.. Place of birth
Thank you.
Aug 24 2001
Devin Hermanson
I am looking for my grandfather, his name is Jerry FAIRBANKS, with whom my family lost touch many years ago. He is a Chippewa Indian and was last know to live in Red Wing around 1942.
Sep 06 2001
I am looking for Lewis/Louis COHENOUR who lived in Minnesota around 1900 to 1920. I know he was living in Minnesota in 1918.
Sep 11 2001
J. McFarland
I have a Minnesota Cemetery Inscription Index listing ( that show EAST family (Z. Wesley, sp Effie A. and, presumably, son Harold C.with sp. Donna I.) all buried there. Under Harold C.'s listing for the cemetery is 401 HS 21, and under Township, County and Notes are the repeated info: VET. MN SSGT US ARMY WWII, SP. DONNA I. WITH Z. WESLEY and EFFIE A.
Can you help me with the location of this particular cemetery--county and name--so that I can look it up in the tombstone registry?
Sep 15 2001
Sherlyn Meiers
We are looking for information on the following families who have BYZEWSKI name connections: We want to share/Exchange information to build up the family genealogy base. We are looking for old photos that can be scanned and added to the database.
From the Foley/Sauk Rapids Minnesota area: Crist, Morrow, Dehler, Freese, Emerson, Albright, Vitasinky, Kaufman, Robak, Fleck, Dahler, Pattock, Prebish, Brenny, Gotvold, Bible, Kasner, Kurr,Plombon,Skaja,
Sep 17 2001
Ray Guinup
At some point between 1903- 1904, our grandfather William Henry GUINUP was in the town of Grand Marais. In some letters that he had sent to his daughter, he mentioned that he was going to buy some land and raise hogs. We have not been able to trace him after these dates.We would like to see if anyone may be related to him. He may have remarried and had a family.If anyone knows of a family with this surname, please answer my query and perhaps we can locate his last whereabouts.....Thank you.
September 19, 2001
Mark Jones
Sep 20 2001
Virginia Borkowski
I am looking for information on if John KUSEL shows up in the Minn. census index about 1850-1880. One source tells me he did.
Oct 06 2001
Greta Westby
I am looking for any information regarding Thomas FURLOTT and his wife Alma Clarinda ULSRUD. I don't know when or where Thomas was born, but he died 22 Sept.1942. He was a Private First Class US/Army and is buried at Fort Snelling Nat. Cemetery, MN. Alma was born 01 Sept.1881 in Winneshiek, IA and christened there. She died 15 May, 1944 and was buried in the same cemetery as Thomas. Her parents were Anton A. Ulsrud and Anne Knudsdtr. Oppdal.
Nov 01 2001
Terri Sutton
Looking for information about my father and his father. My father is Guy Franklin HUMPHREY, born October 22, 1924 in Bovey, MN. We think his father's name was Alonzo or Alfonso Humphrey who married a Gabrielson (Mary/Marie). Any info would be appreciated.
Nov 07 2001
Justine Miller
Looking for a SMITH family in Minnesota before 1864. They moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and had a daughter named Nellie on 10 Jun 1864. Thank you for any information.
Nov 10 2001
Racing Turtle
looking for birth/marriage information to verify 1880 federal census for Myron George HICKOK born about 1860 n minnesota and married Isabele E. Hickok (of NY), had Victor L. Hickok (my granddad) in Red Wing tshp, wadena county, MN.
Nov 21 2001
Kathy Anderson
Phillip JACOBI - born May 1879 in Rhine, Calumet County, Wisconsin. Married an 'Aggie'. Father Christof Jacobi - mother Katherine. Looking for ancestors
Dec 03 2001
Kim Kregel
I am looking for any information on relatives of STEPHEN ZIEMANN b. 11-2-1828 in West Prussia, Kanitz, Germany. d. 10-01-1910 - buried in Eitzen MN. Was married to Louise BOHLEZKY b. 8-12-1834 in Germany. d. 5-3-1920 in Mason City, IA. SECOND WIFE - CAROLINE ?? Came to Minnesota in 1870.
Children: FRANCIS STEPHEN ZIEMANN, SADIE L. ZIEMANN, CHARLES N. ZIEMANN, LOUIS ZIEMANN, WILLIAM M. ZIEMAN, MARY M. ZIEMANN - children from 2nd marriage- JULIUS ZIEMAN, THERESA ZIEMANN, STEVE ZIEMANN, AUGUSTA ZIEMANN. Francis Stephen Ziemann was my great grandfather - trying to do a family history.
Dec 13 2001
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