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October 1997- December 1997

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William J. WINDLE <BWINDLE@Prodigy.Net> Mon Nov 17 17:01:16 1997
An 18year old SCHILLE left Delphos, Ohio in the late 1800s and it is presumed he went to Minnesota and started a barrell stave & lumber yard. Any SCHILLE/SHEELY information desired. Bill WINDLE/Pt. Arthur, TX

Villoy Mitchell- Dorrington <> Sun Nov 16 15:23:40 1997
Looking for anything on Ole and Kare SEIM (SIMES) their son Lewis SIMES. Only know that child of Lewis and wife Julia (LISLAND), Stella Eliza SIMES was born 03 Jun 1887 in Spring Prairie??? Sorry, don't know the county.

Linda Ryan Johnson <> Sun Nov 16 18:24:22 1997
Looking for William COLBORN decendants. William Colborn died in Dec. 1983 in St. Paul, MN so I'm sure he probably has some children living in the area. Please contact me. Thanks Linda

Carol Fender <> Sun Nov 16 16:51:23 1997
My husband's great grandmother was Kittie Owings, who had MN roots. Her grandfather was a ROBERDS who had a lake named after him, Roberds Lake near Faribault. We are looking for any information about these families. Thanks, Carol

Jim Burch <> Thu Nov 13 21:01:45 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
We are tracing my great grandfather John Bjork who changed his name to John Burch and my great grandmother Bertha Glasberg who were Swede-Fins. He arrived in USA around 1883 and she arrived around 1891. We believe they both lived in Minnesota and then moved to Burke, Idaho sometime before 1896. Any information would be greatly appreciated

Charles A. Swanson <> Thu Nov 13 19:15:01 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
Seeking information on Frank Swenson (possibe change to Swanson) born in Big Rapids, Michigan in September of 1880. Father Julius Swenson born in Vämland, Sweden 10 December 1849 died in Big Rapids, Michigan 1 July 1919. Mother's name Johanna Holmgren born in Dalara, Sweden 27 March 1861. Father worked on the railroad in Big Rapids, Michigan. Had two brothers George E. and Carl Arvid. Had two sisters Nanna Elvera (Vera) and Cora C. Left Michigan during the period of 1910 to 1920. Seek information of death and family as it is known that he married.

Earl Patterson <> Tue Nov 11 09:01:34 1997
I'am looking for the Lewis BERGSTEN family. Thy emigrated from Arbra Parish, Halsingland, Sweden in 1886. He was a cousin to Sarah ENGREN who lived in Anoka. The Artig family came to MN in 1854. This is a rare name so any info on them will be

Carolyn Bodell <> Tue Nov 11 14:29:20 1997
My great-grandfather was Mathias Eidsness. I believe he was in the St. Paul area before moving to North Dakota. Some of the children were Olaf, Hjalmer, Hilder, Nora, Harold, Iver, Margit, and Jenny. My great-grandmother was Margaretta. I would like any information about the family that is available.

Robert Hobson < > Tue Nov 11 19:29:22 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
I am looking for information on Veronica JANOVSKY. She was married to Wencesalaus Hanzal. They had a daughter Josephine B. Hanzal. They were married prior to 1893 and he remarried in 1897. They probably lived in New Prague, MN. There is an older Veronica Janovsky. I am not sure of the connection.

Robert Hobson <> Tue Nov 11 19:36:33 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
I am looking for information on Matthias (Mike) VOPATEK or VOPTEK. He was born in Feb 1846 in Bohemia. He emmigrated to the United States in 1864. In 1874 he married Catherina PESEK. The census of 1900 has them living in Yellow Medicine Co., Oshkosh Twp. Any information about Matthias or Catherina would be appreciated.

Terry Koberstein <> Tue Nov 11 20:35:41 1997
I'm writing to inquire how I can obtain old newspaper articles about my ancestors. I have parts of articles of both grandparents. One is dated May 3, 1943 - "Woman Hurt in Auto-Bicycle Collision." Mrs. E.H. Mottinger received injuries - when she collided with an auto at the intersection of Greentown Rd. and So. Hwy. by the Carlson Service Station. The second article describes my great-grandparents Fred and Marie Rose's 50th Wedding Anniversary (October 1 - year unknown, abt. 1932-34.), and the third article, "Marie Rose Services are Held at Plymouth." She died about 1934-36. I'm sure there are other articles about both the Mottinger and Rose families. I'd like information on how to obtain them. Thank you for your assistance to this request.

Joanne Roth < > Mon Nov 10 08:18:25 1997
I am looking for a Elbridge Walter CHASE, b. Feb. 23, 1820, and died Richfield MN, before 1887, he had married a Sarah A. CLEMENT, and they were both at one time residents of St. Paul MN. Also looking for any MAGOON surname, in the Minnesota area. Both in Minneapolis/St. Paul area and the Steele Co., Owatonna area. Thanks so much.

George A. Freeman <> Sat Nov 8 15:47:51 1997
Looking for birth date, Location, parentage of William Nyhart. Born in MN in 1892. Soundex is N630. Last name may be Neyhart.

Ruth Ellen Eklund <> Wed Nov 5 11:38:02 1997
I am searching for documentation of the birth of Volney HARTWELL b:1869 to 1872. I found him with his family in the 1880 census of Grayson Co. TX age 10 and again 1900 census shows his birth date as 1872, age 27. Both show Valney's birth place as Minn. According to the LDS records his parents were: George Williford HARTWELL b: 1845 and mother Claudia HARTWELL. Volney had one son that I know of, my children's grandfather= Albert Ora HARTWELL b:1895 in Fannin Co. TX. Albert's mother was Irene ROWLETT, not sure if Volney and Irene were married. I am looking for the birth record for Volney HARTWELL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Newman <> Tue Nov 4 19:32:06 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
I am looking for Newman family information from the line of John Hartwig Newman. My father is John H. Newman II, currently living in Shoreview, MN. John H. Newman resided in Battle Lake, MN for some time. I am unsure as to if he was born there, he may have been born in Bancroft, Iowa. He married Margeret F. Horn of Minneapolis, MN in the mid to late 1930's. Had two children, John H. II, and Peggy(Mahon). John Hartwig Newman died approximately 1957 in Carson City, Nevada. Last known living relative of John H. Newman: Leo Newman of Kellogg, MN. There is a listing for a Leo Newman in Kellogg, MN, currently, this has not been researched as of yet. The Leo Newman (last known reference), was last visited by by aunt and uncle, Bill and Peggy(nee Newman) Mahon, of Winsted, MN, approximately 1977 to 1982. Possibly Leo Newman left the Kellogg area in the 1980's.

Rob Hall <> Sun Nov 2 18:10:21 1997
BRIDELL, Bridell, Bredell
Looking for the descendants of Levi Merrill BRIDDELL and Lovisa FAIRCHILD. The BRIDDELL family moved from Worcestor Co, MD to Mercer Co, PA to Big Stone Co/Hennepin Co, MN. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob

Joanne Roth < > Fri Oct 31 08:36:26 1997
I am looking for any MAGOON, in the Minnesota area, in ANY county. I have Magoons who are connected to the EASTON and WEST families. The dates for these surnames appearing in the Minnesota area would be the mid 1800's. I have quite a bit of information on these lines and would be more than happy to share. The MAGOON line was born in and migrated from the Lowell, MA area in the later 1850's. Thanks for any hints or help.....

Pat Zollinger <> Fri Oct 31 21:24:06 1997
John Oscar SAMUELSON was born somewhere in MN on November 3, 1883. His parents were John Samuelson and Sophie Gertrude Larson. I'm also trying to find where and when in MN his parents were married. John arrived from Sweden in 1878 and Sophie arrived in 1882. Any help would be so appreciated.

Richard Johnson <> Tue Oct 28 09:21:57 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
Looking for information on family or parents of August Martin Schnell.

Marcine Lohman (Amelung) <> Mon Oct 27 16:09:34 1997
I am researching the family of Christian AMELUNGE, born about 1795 in Germany. He emmigrated to the United States in 1846-1847 from the Hannover region with his wife and children. I suspect that he is related to the Anton Amelung who ran a glass works in Gruenplan, Germany and Dorpat, Estonia. I know that in the early 1900's several Amelung's moved to Minnesota and Michigan from Missouri. I'm hoping they might have information on where we are from in Germany. Spouse/Ehrgatten:
-- Johanna "Maria" CLAUSMANN, born about 1797, in Germany
-- Conradina Albertine AMELUNG, born February 28, 1827, Germany (Married Andreas SUEDEKUM)
-- Christian Johann AMELUNG, born September 26, 1832, Germany
-- Johann Heinrich AMELUNGE, born November 25, 1833, Germany
-- Johanna W. W. AMELUNGE, born April 19, 1841, Germany
-- Wilhelm AMELUNCK, born 1846, Germany
I have run across several listings for AMELUNCK, AMMELUNGS, AMELUNG, and AMLUNG for the German areas of Westfalen, Preussen; Horn, Lippe, Germany; Hessen-Nassau, Preussen; Hannover Region; and Pfalz, Bayern, Germany in several Latter Day Saints records. The name has even been spelled EMLUNG. I am very interested in any information on AMELUNG families to add to my "Amelung" database. I will gladly search my database for any AMELUNG requests also. Please contact me at: or write me at: Mrs. Marcine Lohman (Amelung), Amelung Family Researcher, 509 Kehrs Mill Road, Ballwin, MO 63011-3231.

John Sabin Wed Oct 1 13:09:02 1997
I am looking for information on my grandmother Frances SABIN nee KUEHN born in Minnesota, locale unknown, She was born October 26, 1892 died October 23, 1968 in Eau Claire, WI her parents are listed as Rudolph KUEHN and Catheryn ANDERSON. Frances KUEHN married James Abbott SABIN who was born in Faribault County, MN date and place of the marriage are unknown. Their first child, my father, was born in Virgina, St. Louis County, MN on July 16, 1919.

Kim Schiel Wed Oct 1 16:56:37 1997
KOCH: Am looking for my father's family. My father was born on April 05, 1941 and put up for adoption at the Lutheran Children's Friend Society in Minneapolis, Mn. His birth name was Robert Eugene KOCH, he was adopted by Mr. and Mrs Edward Schiel. His birth mother was 17 years old at the time of his birth and his birth father was 19 years old. They were not married. I only know that they were both raised on a farm and that my father's grandmother was born in 1900 or 1901 and his grandfather was born in 1890 or 1891, and would have the last name of KOCH. My father was given the name Robert Buhler Schiel after he was adopted. The attorney that handled the case for Mr. and Mrs Edward Schiel was Norval Seland from Minneapolis, and the case supervisor for Lutheran Children's Friend Society was Alice Tomhave.

Julian Bernard Sun Oct 5 13:43:05 1997
About 1869 Nicholas SPOONER, a widower, accompanied his daughter, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's husband Rev. Charles Rollit, when they emigrated from Quebec to Minnesota. Nicholas, by then probably at least 81 years old, died soon after their arrival. Seeking any information about Nicholas' date and place of death.

Patti Leake Thu Oct 9 13:48:28 1997
MCKAGUE Am looking for info on George MCKAGUE. Born Scotland in early 1800's. Emigrated to Mariposa Ontario Canada. Lived in Michigan in 1854, also lived in Minnesota, died in Creighton Knox Co Nebraska. Two wives Sarah ORR and Susan POWER. 14 children Mary, Maria, Lavinia, Esther, Rosalind, Julia, Clarisel, Isaac, Will, Charles, Rodney, Robert, Joseph and George W. Isaac was born in Scotland in 1835 and George W was born in Michigan in 1854. George W. married Sarah Ellen JONES. She died in 1898 in Vermillion Clay Co Dakota Territory. He married Julia ALEXANDER in 1893 and moved to Osage Co Mo. He had 5 children Robert, Ora,Irvin, Claron Pierson and Hazel. He died in 1912.

Edward C. Sherwood Sat Oct 11 20:20:22 1997
I am interested in information that could help me trace the roots of my great grandfather, William H. SHERWOOD, whose birth as recorded in my grandfather's birth record (Frank F. Sherwood) was in Minnesota. There is no other info on Wm. H. Sherwood except that he was married to Margaret Johannsen who is listed as being born in Germany. Frank F. Sherwood was born in Madison, Lake, S.D. 3-7-1889. Any assistance you can provide would be helpful. This information is extremely important to my father who is very ill. Thank you.

Kevin Lindbeck Mon Oct 13 18:55:32 1997
Looking for information on Clara Alice BARNUM b. 6 Aug 1866 somwhere in Minnesota. Her sibilings were Vellie, Lucinda, and Frank BARNUM. She is suppose to be a cousin on P.T. BARNUM, but can't seem to find any data to verify it. She married Barton Hite MCDONALD on 4 Aug 1890 which I believe was in California. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Lonnie Buys Tue Oct 14 08:10:48 1997
BUYS, Marlin Pearl. I was told that Marlin (Pearl) was born in this state. He married Jessie Belle Lossing in Coldwater, Michigan in 1902 I was also told that he was adopted into the family. I am looking for any type of information on him, like his biological parents as well as the names of his adopted parents. He is my great grandfather. Can anyone help??? Lonnie Buys 1090 Marshall Coldwater, Michigan 49036

M. Drake Tue Oct 14 12:25:51 1997
Andrew HAMMER born 1854 in Norway, Came to Minn. in 1874. Have land records placing him in Nobles and Brown County between 1874 and 1878, but know he was in at least two other counties as well until the family moved to SD c1890. His wife was Anna LARSON. They had seven children, three are : Clara Martha born 1889, Louisa Josephine born 1881 and Mary (no dates). We think Andrew had a brother John who moved around with him. John's wife was Lena, they had six children, Olavs, Nels, Emmel, Jules, Oscar and Christine. Christine married a LARSON as well, I dont know if there is a connection between her husband Anton LARSON and Andrew's wife Anna LARSON. Clara Martha married Nels ERDAHL, son of Rasmus ERDAL who came from Norway about 1860. Any info. or connections with these three surnames would be welcome.

M A Hager Mon Dec 1 18:05:32 1997
Looking for any info on John Francis Kimm married to Julia Downing. John immigrated from France served in the German army, born 1809 , Julia immigrated from Ireland with her sister (we don't have a sister's name). Had 4 children, they lived in Bremer county Iowa for short time then moved to MN. Both died in MN.

JAMES KINGTue Dec 9 04:36:57 1997
JAMES KING Requesting any information on JAMES KING, b.1820(scot) and d.1855 (Mn.) James left Holt, Michigan around 1840 and went to Minnesota where he was killed in some sort of steam engine accident (possibly logging). James left his brother MATHEW KING and sister JANET (KING)COOK in Holt, Michigan. I believe that JAMES KING had most likely had a family started before his untimely death.

Jonathan Tue Dec 9 13:51:03 1997
PAPENFUSS I am looking for info on Henry NELSON and Fredrick PAPENFUSS of Minnesota.

Jenny KeeleyWed Dec 10 09:11:29 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
KEELEY Need info on Timothy Keeley married Susanne Lehmann in Feburary of 1974. Timothy born in 1954, June 6. Susanne Lehmann born in 1956, Feburary 19. Thanks for any help.

Linda Whittaker Knott Fri Dec 12 18:59:17 1997
FERGUSON Frank Ferguson was born about 1861 in Pierce County, Wisconsin. His parents were James Ferguson and Catherine Sherling Ferguson. When Frank was about 12 or 13 years of age, both parents died and the 5 children were split up amongst local families. Frank worked for the Richardson family for a while. We have a picture of him taken in Hastings, MN. He looks to be about 20 or so at the time. One of the relatives thought they had heard he had later gone on to Colorado. I'm trying to find out if anyone in MN recognizes his name. I have no idea as to whether he ever married or had children. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

shirley leach Sat Dec 13 16:22:29 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
INKSTER I am looking for any information about George T. Inkster who was my great-grandfather. I was told a town was named after him.

Paul Holzer Sun Dec 14 10:21:14 1997
WEIS Sarah WEIS born 4/1869 in Minnesota, married Frederick HOLZER, a conductor on the CMStP&P RR.

Celenia Marie Penix Mon Dec 15 21:18:31 1997
PENIX Looking for info on my great grandfather Isaac William PENIX, born 9/22/1841 somewhere in MI, possibly Romulus. The family moved away in about 1907. At some point Isaac married Elizabeth COOLEY (1842-10/3/1929). I have no information on any of my relatives beyond Isaac -any information would be appreciated!

Rod Lewis Tue Dec 16 09:54:22 1997
RINDAL, Iver RINDAL married to Martha HELLERUD. Moved to Sask.Canada

Kristen Huffman Tue Dec 16 13:33:17 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
VON HAU, Left Germany c. 1840 ito France then to the US. Looking for other VON HAU researchers.

Bobette Pestana Wed Dec 17 21:48:50 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
HARRISON An obituary for my grandfather Frank HARRISON says he was born to John and Mary HARRISON on 18 Mar 1863 in Trenton, MN. My Tampa library says there is no such place. Internet correspondents have suggested 1) a spot about 4 miles north of Redwing, MN and 2)Otrey township in Big Stone County. My best clue would be which was the best Seventh- Day Baptist settlement.

Georges Picavet Sat Dec 20 13:29:36 1997
Belgium,Belgians, Flanders, Flemings, Flemish Good evening!  I am writing to you from Belgium, Europe.  Since April 1994, I am doing research on the emigrants from the Waasland, an area in Flanders, Belgium, west of Antwerp, to the United States and Canada between 1830 - 1950. En route I am also helping out any other Belgian descendant in North America looking for her/his Roots here.  At present I have identified some 2,500 emigrants from the Waasland, but I have information on tens of thousands of Belgian emigrants. My web site at contains much more information, including:  + thousands of NAMES of Belgian emigrants;  + hundreds of passenger SHIPS (mainly from Antwerp);  + a complete list of all PLACES in Belgium with their districts, province, ZIP-code, telephone area code, and not unimportant in Belgium: the official language;  + TRANSLATIONS of vital records from Dutch in English;  + a complete GUIDE on how to look for your Belgian roots;  + some HISTORY of Belgium, Flanders, and the Waasland;  + a list of hundreds of US ARMY UNITS and thousands of   surnames of AMERICAN SOLDIERS decorated by Belgium after WW2;  + articles about GENEALOGY, GENEOLOGY, and ANDRAGOGY.  Please do contact me if you are a Belgian descendant, or if you know of Belgian immigrants or their descendants in your area. I do need any help Ican get!  Georges Picavet

K. Smith Sun 21 Dec 02:05:12 1997
I'm trying to find out if Charles andHannah OSGOOD of St. Anthony , Hennepin CO. , MN. (1870 census) are the same Charles and Hannah Osgood of Uhland, Caldwell CO. Texas. I appreciate any information you might have on this family. THANK YOU

Diane Kozovich Sun Dec 21 08:04:30 1997
DICKERT, TROTZ, SELLIN Looking for anyone with info on any DICKERT individuals. My gr grandpa was August Dickert b: ca 1850, emig with wife Friedricka TROTZ in 1891.  There are conflicting stories as to whether August had any siblings in the U.S., but I found an early 1900's showing a John DICKERT in Duluth, Minn. There may have also been another brother, Peter? Any help welcome, will gladly share.

Diane Kozovich  Sun Dec 21 08:08:29 1997
GESS Looking for anyone with any GESS info. My gr gr gr grandpa was William (Wilhelm) F. GESS emig ca 1853 as a child of about 9 with his parents and possible siblings. Only no info has surfaced as yet as to what their names were. Speculation includes Christoper and Martin. Wilhelm married Henrietta KLUCAS. One of his children was Martin who married Mary (Maria) SELLIN ca 1890 and later disappeared, said to have drowned in lake??? Any info appreciated, nothing too small. Will gladly share.

Lt. Col. Glen P. Goffin USAF (Ret) Sun Dec 21 21:31:31 1997
MCQUILLAN I am seeking the birth day/month/year of Mary (Mollie) McQuillan Fitzgerald. I suspect she was born in 1860, married Edward FITZGERALD in 1890, and delivered F. Scott Keys Fitzgerald on 24 Sep 1896. Her father came to St. Paul, Minnesota in 1857 after having immigrated from Ireland. I believe the father amassed a million dollar fortune. Thank you for your assistance.

Kenna Noonan Mon Dec 22 10:26:24 1997
SEAMAN  Looking for information on Merrill Hicks SEAMAN. From International Falls married Dorothy KREIDLER. Two sons, Merrill and Ben, daughter Kathryn Marie, My late Mother-in-law.

LaVerne W. Root Dec 24 05:20:17 1997
ROOT, TERREL, WEST, ROOT family history. Need descendents of William Russell ROOT (b. 1798 CT, m. Clarissa TERREL, d. 1873 Mason Co, MI). Daughter, Eliza ROOT (b. 1830 CT, m. Lewis L. WEST), in MN in late 1800's.

Mike Ricker Sat Dec 27 20:13:40 1997
RICKER Seeking Abner (Eugene?) Ricker. b. 1892/1893 Son of Lila Ricker. May be related to Richard(Dick) Blanchard of Monticello. Owned "Red Rickers Rodeo" In WI in 1930's or 40's.

Will Kent Sun Dec 28 14:20:30 1997
BERRY Researching Emmert Berry DOB 8 Jan 1908 died 12 Feb 94. Known to have applied for SS# in Minnesota, town unknown. Father-in-law to Leah A. Berry, nee Russell.

Jennifer Allison Tue Dec 30 15:10:47 1997
KOENIG, MUHLETHALER Katherine Pauline KOENIG came with brother William KOENIG b 1880, sisters Barbara KOENIG b. 1881 and Maria Rosina KOENIG b. 1869 nephew Friedrich KOENIG b. 10.Mar.1887 and niece Babbette KOENIG b. 13.Jun.1904. All lived in MN. Looking for any information on these KOENIGs. Katherine Pauline KOENIG married Robert Alferd MUHLETHALER and lived in Duluth.

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