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Aage Takvam Tue Jul 1 04:27:38 1997
I am looking for the surname "TAKVAM" in Minnesota (immigrants around 1920).

Darlene (Falk) French Wed Jul 2 13:11:10 1997
I am seeking any information on my grandparents. My grandmother was named Grace Mc KNIGHT and she married Milton CLARK in the late 1800's in Minnesota or Iowa. They had three daughters Edna, Caroline and Marie. I know there was a John and Nora Mc Knight that lived near Hinkley, Minnesota who are my relatives but I don't know if they are deceased too. Any information would be helpful as I have no family history and am not aware of any living relatives other than a few here in Washington State.

Marcia Sullivan Fri Jul 4 10:48:30 1997
I am looking for Alfred W. GILBERT who lived in MN from 1880-1884 and probably years before that.He married Arra E. KIMBALL in 1884 and had a daughter, Ruth, in 1885 in MN.

Donna L. Fischer Fri Jul 4 14:04:01 1997
AMES: S. H. Ames union soldier who served in 9th Minnesota, Company C. Have 'tin type' photo in uniform w/case by Littlefield, Parson & Co. patented Oct. 14, 1856 and Apr. 21, 1857. Have no other data. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Joanne Tellin Matthews Sun Jul 6 20:43:27 1997
I am looking for any of the TELLIN family. My grandfather was Ernest Tellin, my father Alford Ernest Tellin. My grandmother was Esther Beckman Tellin from the general Grand Rapids area. I can't seem to find anyone online who has ties to this family.

Karen McLeod Thu Jul 24 22:57:46 1997
Looking for descendents of Catherine GLEASON born 1840 Tipperary Ireland, and Norman McLEOD born in Scotland. Catherine and Norman had 4 children, 3 of whom were born in Minnesota: Alexander MCLEOD, born 1859, Charles MCLEOD, born 1861, William MCLEOD, born 1864. They then had John Thomas MCLEOD in 1866 in Ontario. Looking for any GLEASON's, as Catherine was widowed by 1871 and it is thought she may have returned with the children to Minnesota to be with family.

Virginia A.Frisone Thu Jul 24 20:41:04 1997
Have a letter dated Sept 4, 1899 stating that a Rolden J. TILTON was in a Batavia, Minnesota. Could not find town in your county locator. Does anyone know if such a town existed and if it did what did its name change to. Thank you.

Mary Brodersen Fri Jul 25 13:16:41 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
Looking for information about siblings and children of Hans HANSON and Gestine OLSON in Round Lake, from 1870s to 1889. Hans and Gestine came to Round Lake from Wisconsin and had been in Norway prior to immigration. Children listed to them in 1875 Jackson Co census are: M. (female) b. 1859 Norway; Thor b. March 1862 Stavanger, Norway; Hans Jr. b. 1865 Wisconsin; Betsy b. 1867 Wisconsin; Helen b. 1867 Wisconsin; Ole b. 1868 Wisconsin; Ida b. 1974 Round Lake, MN; Later children were Johanna b. 1876 d 1881; Henry b. 187 Lake Park, MN; Thomas b. 1882; Gregor b. 1883. Have much information about Thor, Ole, Helen (Birkeland), Ida, Henry, Thomas and Gregor. These adult children and their families all went with Hans and Gestine to Palouse, Wa in 1889. Later they all moved to Ferdinand, Idaho and descendents still live on their homestead land. M., Hans Jr. and Betsy would have been adults when Hansons left. Betsy or M probably have families in the Round Lake area. Would love to share information. Thanks.

Gordon Madison Sat Jul 26 16:15:52 1997
SELKE surname My cousin Lois SELKE left me considerable data and photos of members of the Albert SELKE family, particularly her parents Alfred August Paul SELKE and Bertha Maria MADISON SELKE. Anyone member of the family researching this line is welcome to much of what I have if it will help you in your research. I am most anxious that it be put to good use in your family quest. The family consisted of Albert SELKE, b. 28 Dec 1855 in Pomerania, Germany, his wife Wilhelmina WOCKENFUSS, b. 12 Jan 1860 in Pomerania. son Alfred August Paul (my uncle)b. 2 Feb 1882 in Pomerania; son W. Erich Christian b.9 Nov in La Crosse, WI; daughter Olga (Carol) b. 3 Jun 1890; son George and son Arthur. The parents and eldest son, Alfred immigrated to Benton Co in 1882 and later to the Saint Paul area. Please let me know if you are interested. Gordon Madison Chambersburg, PA

Ray Sigafoos Mon Jul 28 22:34:09 1997
According to family legend, my great great grandfather left Pennsylvania and moved to Minnesota around 1855. He had 5 sons that apparently lived to maturity. I only know one of them, Osby. He, like his brothers, had two midddle names. One of Osby's brothers was named XXXXX Abraham Lincoln SIGAFOOS. He was born in 1860 or thereabouts. Osby died in 1905 in a train accident in Minneapolis. He was buried in the cemetary in Excelsior. Any information about any branch of the SIGAFOOS family in Minnesota is appreciated.

Paula van Huijstee-Kommer Mon Jul 28 04:47:59 1997
I am looking for descendants of Pieter KOMMER (b.1795) and Lena BOER (b.1810), Dutch immigrants who came to the U.S. in 1848. Pieter was previously married to Cornelia Dijkgraaf, whom he left behind in the Netherlands. Pieter and Lena brought along 9 children, using both Kommer and Boer as last names. Have reason to believe that Lena and son Leonard Boer lived in Minnesota around 1870 but haven't found anything yet to prove it. Any help re Pieter, Lena or their children is greatly appreciated!

John Anderssen Tue Jul 29 23:58:05 1997
Looking for descendants of Karl Engelbert CARLSSON (b 7.11.1869 in Gunnarsnas,Sweden) and his sisters, Klara Eugenia (b 18.12.1873), Alexia (b 21.4.1878) and Agnes (b 5.2.1882). Sisters' maiden names could be CARLSDATTER, CARLSSON or HOLMBERG. Also their cousins, Anders Fridolf PAULUSSON or PAULSSON (b 11.10.1869 in Annolfsbyn, Sweden), and his sister Emma Laura (b 23.12.1879). Her maiden name could have been PAULUSDATTER, PAULSDATTER, PAULSSON or LARSON. All of these people migrated to the U.S.A. in the 1890s and settled somewhere near Minneapolis. Their uncle was my great grandfather, August Anderssen who migrated to Australia in 1872. Please make contact with your Australian relatives.

Dave Stout Tue Jul 29 09:52:09 1997
Researching the name SPARBY who either moved to Wisconson from Minnasota, or vice a versa. I know the Sparby's had land in Wisconson, but believe there are relatives in Minnasota as well. I am looking for any information on any Sparby, for I am sure the Sparby Tree is very small in the US.

Janice Brockman Sun Aug 3 20:07:37 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
For the 1895 and 1905 Minnesota State Census, can anyone tell me whether or not you need to know the county of residence?? Is there an index at all for those census records?? Is the index by county or for the whole state? I would like to try and obtain a microfilm to search by interlibrary loan but need to know the basics of its arrangement first. Thank you for any answer to this query.

Donna Pierce Sun Aug 3 12:59:55 1997
DELGER, AHREND Seeking any information regarding Ahrend Delger who arrived in Minnesota in 1845 from Germany.

Marcy Ugstad Tue Aug 12 15:42:27 1997
Looking for the families UGSTAD, ODDEGARD and FLATEN. Pul UGSTAD was born in Drammen, Norway, Buskerud county, Norway in the early 1800's. He married Annetta ODDEGARD who was born in Svelvik, Norway. Immigrated sometime in the 1860's or so. My grandfather Peter UGSTAD was born in Pelican Rapids, Otter Tail County, on 14 April 1872. Paul and Annetta had 5 children: Peter, Oskar(Oscar?), Burt(Bert?), Julia and Inga.....Marion FLATEN married Peter UGSTAD in 1904 in North Dakota. Her family were originally from Norway, too, then immigrated to Minnesota. She had numerous siblings, the only ones I know of for sure were : Amos FLATEN (became a country doctor), Paul FLATEN, Inga FLATEN and Marian FLATEN....Anyone with information on any of these families, please contact me! Thanks for your help.

Matt Carman Wed Aug 13 22:29:37 1997
I am looking for any information on my grandmother. She was born (I think) in St Paul (but no record in the city records) on October 22, 1892. Her father's name was Emil ADIX and mother's name was Catherine HEBERLE. She married my grandfather in Detroit on June 14, 1910. Not sure when they moved to Michigan. It is said she had a brother named Jack Adix and sister named Margaret Adix. That is all I know. Please help me with research ideas. I know of other Adix families in Minnesota, but the connection may go back to Germany. Thank you, Matt Carman

D. Dempsey Wed Aug 13 12:24:30 1997
Need help in locating a birth record for my great uncle, John DEMPSEY in 1868,Minnesota. I have nothing other than the death cert. which states Minnesota as birth place. Any ideas of how to start? Also,do you know where most of the immigration to the U.S. from Ireland would have been in around 1851? Parents: John Dempsey, Sr. and Alice E. (Mannix) Dempsey Siblings: Delia Bridget Dempsey Knight,James Dempsey,Margaret Frances (Malloy)Dempsey,William Dempsey

Darrell R. Fransen Thu Aug 14 03:49:53 1997
Searching for any FRANSEN information. My branch settled in SD, however, great-grandfather Theus Fransens brothers and sisters settled somewhere in Minnesota. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also note that there are more FRANSEN names in Minn. than any other one location in the US.

Judy Holter Sat Aug 16 11:28:08 1997
Looking for descendents of Anders KRISTENSEN/BROHAUG/BRASTUA born 1855 in Norway, married 1885 to Kristine SORENSDTR born 1853. Emigrated to US in 1895 with four children: Minda Olava born Jan 24, 1880, Karen Martine born Sept 27, 1882, Ole Sigvard born Nov 2, 1885 and Anna Karoline born April 29, 1889. I've heard they might have lived in Twin Valley, and Kristine might be buried in Keene Cemetery, Ulen.

Kjell Nordqvist Sat Aug 16 23:15:42 1997
KARLSKOGA Does this place-name sound familiar to you? Karlskoga is a Swedish city (32000 inhab.) about halfway between Stockholm and Oslo. More than 5000 people emigrated from here to America between 1849 (the goldrush in California) and 1935. Our Heritage Society has an emigrant section in its archives, and we are steadily working with emigrant research. If you have roots here, please let us hear from you. Write to Hembygdsforeningen, Torget 10, 691 31 Karlskoga, or send e-mail to We are anxious to hear the story of your emigrated forefathers and get copies of obituaries, citizenship papers, travel documents, pictures etc. for our emigrant records. In return we may have material that is of interest to you. Eigrantregistret in Karlstad was founded in 1960. They have registered all emigrated va:rmlanders (ab. 125.000)and created the data base of the more than 1.2 million emigrants who sailed from Swedish ports. Look at (under RO:TTER).

Jeri Dreyer Sat Aug 23 19:46:28 1997
Hi! I'm trying to find my gr.grandparent and in Minnesota. They came to the U.S. in 1882 and settled in Minnesota. In 1900 they moved to Iowa. I was told my Grand- father was born near Worthington, Minn. I went there and could find no records of them at all. My Grandfather was John SAMUELSON, born January 9, 1898. His parents were married a year before he was born. Their names were Hans SAMUELSON & Mary Waldum SAMUELSON. My Gr.Gr.Grandparents names were Anton & Olea SAMUELSON. Thank you! Jeri

Jeanne Marks Sat Aug 23 16:57:56 1997
Looking for any information. Land, birth, census, ship logs, anything! Pearl Alma HAUNTZ born January 21, 1896 in Minnesota. Parents were Leonard H. HAUNTZ and Bertha YELTHMACK(not sure is the spelling is correct). Leonard and Bertha possibly came to Minnesota from Germany. Pearl's other siblings are Ruth HAUNTZ BRAUMEYER, Mable HAUNTZ CRANK, Florence HAUNTZ WERTZ, Eunice HAUNTZ DOLMSETH, Lucille HAUNTZ (?) O'CONNOR, and Lester Robert HAUNTZ. Thanks in advance for any help.

MaryAnn Glaze Sun Aug 24 12:05:52 1997
DOVILLE Am researching this family presumed to have been in Minnesota prior to 1880. Would appreciate ANY info or leads relating to this family. Specifically looking for parents and siblings of my grandfather Paul M. DOVILLE b. abt. 1880, d. abt. 1980 in CA. He migrated to PA and married my grandmother Edna Margaret BOWERS abt. 1909. They had three children: Irma, Pauline and Paul, Jr. Otto, Paul's brother, migrated in Arkansas and died there. Both were in the glassmaking/working business. Thanks a bunch!

Carolyn Homeister Caplinger Thu Aug 28 18:45:01 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
Would like any information on the HOHMEISTER (HOMEISTER) family. My great grandfather William HOMEISTER came to the US from Germany in 1890 at the age of 12 along with his half brother Fred. William was born March 20, 1878 in Germany and died January 16, 1963 in Iowa City, IA. William settled in Bremer County, IA, but Fred settled somewhere in Minnesota. Fred kept the original spelling of their last name which was HOHMEISTER, but William dropped the second H, spelling it HOMEISTER. I'm not exactly sure where he settled, possibly in Winona, MN. I am sure he married and had children, but nothing is known about him. I would like to make contact with any of his children, grandchildren or someone who could give me more information on Fred HOHMEISTER. I have done searches on online phonebooks for the last name and came up with a few people with the same last name in St Paul and Wabasha. Could these be of relation?

Don Sucha Thu Aug 28 16:22:50 1997
If your surname is SCHUETZ or OCHSNER, or if those names are within your family, please look at the photos on the following website and help us solve a family mystery. Go to

Brigitte Frost Sun Aug 31 19:37:44 1997
MOILANEN: family came to Minnesota about 1880 from Finland. Youngest son, William born about 1873. William, and siblings, Jacob and Kate moved to upper peninsula, MI. Brother, Charles stayed in MN. Parents died before 1920s and buried in MN. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Lisa Bowman Wed Sep 10 05:38:06 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
Looking for information on Floyd Winfield and Hazel Fern MILNER PORTER, both born app. 1890. Hazel is believed to have been born in Minnesota. Floyd and Hazel lived in Minnesota after their marriage. Any leads are greatly appreciated.

Mia Fleege Fri Sep 12 20:20:26 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
Looking for information on Mary NEECE. According to her obituary she was "born in Coles county, Ill in the 1833 and was converted when a child in Minnesota and united with the Baptist church." She was the daughter of James and Susan NEECE and married William Buchanan in 1847. I believe her father James, to be a full-blooded Cherokee. Family tradition also consists of a legend of young girl stolen and adopted by Indians and taken to Minn. The family ultimately moved to Pike County, IL. Any information on this family or where Mary could have been converted and united with the Baptist Church in Minn. between 1833 and 1847 would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa Gemmell Sun Sep 14 23:00:51 1997
I am looking for information on the Carl (b. Jan. 1850 in Gerrmany) and Henrietta nee BUCHHOLZ (b. 1852 in Ill.) KRESSLER family. They were in Minn. ca. 1881-9. At least three of their children were born there: Louisa (4/1881), David (2/1885), Freddie (3/1889). They left Minn. between 3/1889 and 12/1890, and went to Wash. State. They were possibly in Ill. or Wis. before they went to Minn. Any information concerning this family would be appreciated. Thank you.

Tommy Andersson Mon Sep 15 11:09:02 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
Looking for all persons with the surname WIKSTEN. Doing research for a book on descendants of a Augustin Rensfeldt born 1730 in Råneå, Sweden. Many of his descendants emigrated to Minnesota, among them a couple of Wiksten familys. Some of them probably settled in Chisago County. In return for valuable information I can give lots of material on their ancestors back in Sweden, even back to the year 1500. Also looking for surnames, DRUGGE, NORSTROM,BERGSTROM, BERGMAN, FRIMAN, RENSFELDT and BERGNER

Georgie Hindsman Thu Sep 18 16:36:34 1997
Seeking information about MASKE family. Grandmother Ida MASKE born DesPlains,IL 1892. Told me she had relatives in MN. Seeking info in general about family origin, immigration, migration, history, branches etc.

CYNTHIA COX Fri Sep 26 14:38:12 1997
COX, John born May 14, 1775 where?? married Ann (mdn nm unkn) December 10, 1798. They had 10 children - James b. Aug 30, 1799, Daniel b. March 25, 1802, John b. Mar. 14, 1805, Samuel b. Aug. 25, 1807, Joseph b. Mar. 3, 1811 mrd. Edna Malcome, Jane b. Oct. 14, 1813,Edward b. Jan. 25, 1816 mrd. Sarah Showen, Hamilton b. Apr. 3, 1819, John Salmon b. Dec. 13, 1820 and Mary Ellen b. Aug. 23, 1822. These children were born in Ohio. The family moved to Indiana and later to Minnesota. Other relations to this family are REINHART, PANGBURN, INGALLS, KUNDERT, MALCOME, SHOWEN, JESSOP, HOCHSTETLER, PRATT, WEIS, WEIR, HANSON, TAYLOR, HEGRE or HAGRE, OLSON, FIGY, HUFFMAN.

John Sabin Wed Oct 1 13:09:02 1997
I am looking for information on my grandmother Frances SABIN nee KUEHN born in Minnesota, locale unknown, She was born October 26, 1892 died October 23, 1968 in Eau Claire, WI her parents are listed as Rudolph KUEHN and Catheryn ANDERSON. Frances KUEHN married James Abbott SABIN who was born in Faribault County, MN date and place of the marriage are unknown. Their first child, my father, was born in Virgina, St. Louis County, MN on July 16, 1919.

Kim Schiel Wed Oct 1 16:56:37 1997
KOCH: Am looking for my father's family. My father was born on April 05, 1941 and put up for adoption at the Lutheran Children's Friend Society in Minneapolis, Mn. His birth name was Robert Eugene KOCH, he was adopted by Mr. and Mrs Edward Schiel. His birth mother was 17 years old at the time of his birth and his birth father was 19 years old. They were not married. I only know that they were both raised on a farm and that my father's grandmother was born in 1900 or 1901 and his grandfather was born in 1890 or 1891, and would have the last name of KOCH. My father was given the name Robert Buhler Schiel after he was adopted. The attorney that handled the case for Mr. and Mrs Edward Schiel was Norval Seland from Minneapolis, and the case supervisor for Lutheran Children's Friend Society was Alice Tomhave.

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