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Harriette Jensen Thu Apr 3 23:52:14 1997
I am looking for any information on Jesse Hawkins HOISINGTON and his wife, Almira, who homesteaded in MN prior to 1858. I believe Almira HOISINGTON died in MN.

Mary judge Sat Apr 12 11:48:51 1997
Is there any material on the RICE family? My Maternal great- grandmother's maiden was Rice and she was born in 1881. She grew up to be the first female principal in Minnesota. Thank you.

Debra Eddy Sat Apr 19 05:50:56 1997
Looking for information about Robert Oakley SIRRINE (8 Dec 1815, Peekskill, NY - 1 June 1888, Laurel, MT) and his wife, Clarinda STEVENS (10 Sep. 1815, Wayne Co., PA - 22 Aug 1870, Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo Co., IA) and their descendants. R.O. SIRINE was a blacksmith and farmer, son of Warren SIRRINE and Elizabeth OAKLEY. Clarinda's parents are unknown. It is believed that she is somehow related to Oscar STEVENS and numerous other STEVENS families which migrated from PA to IL, and then to IA with them. R.O. and Clarinda SIRRINE are known to have lived in Berlin Twp., Wayne Co., PA; McHenry Co., IL; Cerro Gordo Co., IA. Their children were: Warren Oscar SIRRINE, husband of Mary Ellen COATES; Olive Amanda, wife of Andrew SWARTZ; Permelia Clarinda, wife of James Buchanan WOOD; Henrietta Elizabeth, wife of Charles Albert CRANDELL; and Mary Adelia, wife of Henry Rudolphus WARD. After Clarinda's death, R.O. married Mrs. Jennie CRANDALL. They went briefly to MN, and then to Laurel, MT. Am willing to freely exchange information.

Ann Benham Sat Apr 26 09:05:02 1997
WIANT;Melissa.born July 10 18--in Minn. Reared in Mt. Died in Forsyth MT.May 24, 1883. Fathers name Benjamin. Any information would be appreciated.

Janet Davis Sun Apr 27 11:11:53 1997
THUEL, I am sorry, I have no county to attach this to. I am looking for evidence of THUEL in MN. Related to BUNN of IL, then to Fred Co., MD. Not sure of spelling as this was a verbal clue, and rest of history is lost. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks, Janet Davis

Gretchen Metz Fri May 2 15:18:26 1997
Looking for any information on my maternal great-grandmother, Grace Eugenie LAMBERT, born in 1860 somewhere in MN.

Stephanie Stebbins Fri May 16 10:39:05 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
I am currently researching the following names; CORDIE,WECKWERTH, RICE, MOON and ZIMMERMAN .I believe most of these familys originate from northern Minnesota.

Karen Snell Tue May 13 14:23:29 1997
Looking for members of HOHEISEL or KRAUSE families in Minnesota.

T Andert Sun May 18 19:39:42 1997
I am searching the immigrant origins of any ANDERTS in Minn.

Margaret McManus Mon May 19 18:26:59 1997 Invalid email address 24 May 2019
Looking for Gilbert Anson KIMBER, b in NY, lived in Sherwood, Branch Co, MI ca. 1840 to 1854 and died 13 Jul 1892 Minnesota His wife was Elizabeth "Betsey" LEGG d. 14 Jul 1865 Minnesota, children:William Henry m. Margaret SANDERSON; Anson Valorus m. Maria QUAINTANCE; Edith m. Edwin RICKER in Brown County, Minnesota; Omar Larue m. Maggie BATTIS, Harvey Seth d. ca. 1875 Minnesota; Cecil Rodolphus b. 17 Oct 1855 Dover Township, Olmsted Co, Minnesota, m. Nov 1876 Anneliza QUAINTANCE; Ezra D. b ca. 1859, d 1873; Sally Irene b. ca 1862 Minnesota.

lsteele Tue May 20 15:28:16 1997
Looking for NELSON family from Todd Co. Staples. Nels Nelson and wife Anna (Olson) there in 1891. Wife died in child birth. Two daughters ages 4 and 2 (Alma and Hulda) returned to Phelps Co. Nebraska to be raised by Anna Olson's parents. Father's whereabouts unknown after that. Any assistance is appreciated.

Barb Casanova Tue May 20 11:15:29 1997
I am looking for information on my grandmother, born Anna Gertrude EMERSON. She was born 11/15/1887 somewhere in Minnesota. She married Earle Forseman BAKER on 6/12/1913 in Duluth. She died in Duluth on 08/11/1926. Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Huson Fri May 23 19:00:46 1997
Looking for any information on Harmon (Harry) Sambler HUSON and Mary Susan CALDWELL HUSON. My GG Grandfather, Harmon, became a Judge in Grand Rapids. born on 9 May 1847. Married in Sandusky, OH 30 Apr 1874. Mary Susan was daughter of Judge John A CALDWELL.

Oren Moore Mon May 26 09:23:58 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
Please include in the subject line the word "query" when replying.Researching ggrandmother Lydia Ann FLING Born somewhere in Minnestoa Nov 2, 1864. Fathers name George Fling. Mothers name unknown. Father may have been in Union Army from Minnesota. Lydia Fling had one known sister Angeline. Moved to Michigan sometime after 1864. Lydia Fling later married John Ferris. Would appreciate any information concerning Flings.

Lucy Fields Mon Jun 2 20:44:14 1997
HARTWELL, Levi Norman: b. Dec 18, 1860 at Minnesota; parents Norman Hartwell and Sarah GUSTIN. Looking for any connection to Hartwell or Gustin.

Rob Robinson Mon Jun 2 22:51:27 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
I am looking for any information on Fred COX+ Edwin COX and Lyman COX. They were born between 1875 and 1885 in Minnesota(1900 NE census). There father/mother were Zedoe and Millie COX.

Jacqueline Tue Jun 3 08:05:32 1997
I am looking for the Cival war records for Hiram INGALLS and James INGALLS. They both served with the Co. E 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillary during the Cival War...Hiram served 18 months according to information I have, do not know how long James served. Thank you for help and information that anyone may be able to give me. Jacqueline

lance monnie Tue Jun 3 10:55:31 1997
Looking for birth place of Louis J MONNIE born Dec 18, 1860; his fathers name is John B Monnie and his mothers maiden name is Mary PRATT .

Gordon Madison Fri Jun 6 15:45:48 1997
MADISON, SCHULER, SELKE Grandfather Peter C. MADISON, immigrated from Germany in 1881, married Barbara SCHULER, Mar. 31, 1883, probably in St. Paul. He reportedly worked for Hamms Brewery as a grain buyer. I need further information on ancestors of these two persons. I have everything from them to this date and will be happy to share. Also have a great deal of data and photos on the SELKE family originally immigrated to St. Cloud area. Anyone closely related to them are welcome to the things I have.

Mike Boyer Fri Jun 6 18:59:26 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
NELSON, JESSE GREEN, born Oct. 17, 1882 place unknown, possibly St. Paul area. Had 3 brother named - Walter, Garland and Harry. He was married to a woman named Chloe. One of their sons was a lawyer named Leslie. Any information provided will be greatly appreciated.

Judith Smith Sat Jun 7 13:45:39 1997
Seelomg ? BUTTERFIELD who was married to Bethia (Bethanis, etc) TOMPKINS. She was widowed and married Dexter SMITH in Steele Co., Minn. Any info appreciated....this is truly my lost ancestor!!!!

Jodie Depke Mon Jun 9 17:38:46 1997
I have an ancestor, surname KOEHLER [KOHLER] who supposedly was a brewmeister for the Hamms Brewery somewhere in Minnesota. Supposedly he lived in the Hamms mansion while he developed the brewery. Can someone tell us anything about this and/or tell us where we can get ahold of the history of the Hamms Brewery? Where is/was this brewery? We are familiar with the name Hamms but cannot locate it. Thanks,

Tom Hintz Mon Jun 9 18:28:05 1997
I'm looking for the county in which Katherine Marie Elisabeth HINTZ has her death certificate registered. She farmed in Mansfield, Freeborn Co most of her life, and later moved to Albert Lee. In the last years before she passed away, she moved back to the family farm in Mansfield. She is buried in the Mansfield Twp Cemetery. Her maiden name was SEEDORF. Born December 13, 1851 and died July 19, 1924. I've checked Freeborn Co for the record and they don't have it on file, so I'm assuming it was filed in one of the nearby counties. I'm hoping people can check the Genealogical Indexes in those areas for me. Thanks! /Tom Hintz

Svein Indrelid Sat, 14 Jun 1997 14:27:24 Organization: Universitet i Bergen
I am looking for information on emigrants from the Flåm valley, Aurland township, Sogn & Fjordane county, Norway 1844-1920 and their descendants. From this small community (today 400 inhab.) more than 500 people emigrated to USA during the period in question. At present I am working on a the farm- and family history of the Flåm valley. The manuscript will be printed sept. 1998, and this book will be a part of the "bygdebok" of Aurland, where Anders Ohnstad has published the general township history ("Aurland I"), the geanealogy ("Aurland II") and three volumes of farm-history. My volume will be the fourth in this series.
In the volume of Flåm I will include the names and dates of the emigrant generation and children (both the Norwegian and the American born) and a (very) short family history of the emigrant family.

I would like to get in contact with anyone who has information of interest. The emigrants from the Flåm valley had the following surnames:

FRETHEIM (Frettem), FLÅM (Flom, Flaam), INDRELID (Indrelie, Indrelee, Indrelea, Lie, Lee, Lea), RYUM (Ryo), HOLUM (Hauglum), GEISME (Gesme, Gjesme, Jesme), DALSBOTTEN (Dalbotten, Dalbottom), TUNSHELLE (Thunshelle), MELHUS (Melhuus), KÅRDAL (Kaardal, Kaardahl, Kordal, Kordahl, Cordal, Cordahl), BEREKVAM (Berkvam, Berquam, Berqvam), VIDME (Vedme,Vibne, Widme, Wedme), BRÆKKE (Brekke, Brecke, Breche). Please use my e-mail address or write to: Svein Indrelid, Nubbebakken 10, N 5018 Bergen, NORWAY.

Julie Zacher Sun Jun 15 20:04:20 1997
State Hospital/facility in Fergus Falls area: Hello - I am seeking the name/address of such facility in the Fergus Falls area. Also trying to find out if that is where my great grandmother (Tena/Thea Randine FARDAL/FERDELL KEIPER died. Also if she is buried in the Fergus Falls area. Died sometime between 1948 (last visit there) and 1960's (we guess.)

Buck Danielson Sun Jun 15 14:25:01 1997
I'm trying to determine if there is any information about the Mother of my friend. She is deceased now but we think she was born in Northfield, MN during the early part of the Century. Her name: Mary EGAN (married name became COLLINS). Her Father's name: Thomas Egan.

Diane Drogich Sun Jun 22 00:13:07 1997 Invalid email address 23 May 2019
I'm looking for DROGICH / DRAGICH / DRAGICEVIC family connections. My husband's grandfather, Tomo DRAGICH, b. 1891 in Yugoslavia, came to the U.S. in 1920, 2nd trip?, and worked as a coal miner. Found a DRAGICEVIC- DRAGICH family history listed in Library of Congress under Minnesota genealogy. Don't know what county this family line would be in. Would like to find any information on this family.

Jackie C.Penrod Thomas Mon Jun 23 08:29:58 1997
I am searching for my grandfather's sister and family. Jim and Emma PENROD WIDMIRE, their children were Laurlee,Ollie, & Carol. Emma was born in 1865 in Poneto,Wells Co.In. They moved to Minn. many,many years ago,none of the family in their eightys and nintys, can remember where in Minn. any info would be appreciated.

J. Kiefer Shellenbarger Thu Jun 26 16:06:37 1997
My grandfather, Henry Francis KIEFER, was born Feb. 20, 1875 somewhere near Minneapolis. His father was also Henry KIEFER who came from Germany. Henry Francis came to San Francisco and married in 1897 I would like information about these KIEFER's :where did they live, why they came to SF and where in Germany they came from. Henry Francis had siblings named: Clara, Bertha, Mary, Frank, and "Lizzie"

Doug Kearns Thu Jun 26 19:25:46 1997
Seeking info on Isaac KEARNS born in NC prior to 1858. He was orphaned and moved to IN with relatives before moving to MN. County moved to in MN is UNKNOWN. Also looking for info/history on a Thomas F. Kearns (1862-1918)who moved from MN to UT where he was associated with Kennekot Copper Mines. His origin in MN is UNKNOWN. Any background is appreciated.

Ed Hake Sat Jun 28 16:24:38 1997
Searching for the birthplace and any information of relatives or documents of My Grandfather: HATHAWAY; Jess Gaylord b.abt 1885 Brainard (area), MN He was considered essential for the war effort and could not join the army and during WWI worked in the shipyard's Tacoma, WA local MN relatives include 4 sisters: Maude Hathaway, Nora Hathaway, (?), (?) One of the 4 sisters married a man named PETERSON Jess Hathaway was friends with my father HAKE, Arthur Lloyd, before my dad married my mother (my dad was 45 years old ) Jess Hathaway married Esther (Fisher) and lived in Salem Oregon returning often to see his sisters that remained in MN Jess Hathaway died in 1956 in Australia

David Kaiser Mon Jun 30 12:59:45 1997
I'm trying to uncover more information about Lloyd David DOWNS, born 10 April 1899, Battle Creek, MI. Lloyd was the son of David Griffin DOWNS and Carrie SPERBECK and he was the cousin of Clarence DOWNS who lived in Battle Creek, MI. Lloyd was a paperhanger by trade with Clarence. He resided in Battle Creek, MI around 1935 to early 1940s. Prior to this, he lived in MN early 1900s and Iowa ca 1910-1935. I'm seeking any information about him -- especially date and place of death.

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