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Madelene Roos Thu Jan 2 09:18:17 1997
I´m searching for relatives of Johan (b. 1818) and Anna(b. 1820, maiden name ANDERSDOTTER) STRANDBERG who emigrated from Ljusne, Halsingland Sweden in 1883. 3 of their 5 children went with them: Fredrik Adolf b. 1857, Herman Teodor b. 1859 and Johanna Erika b. 1862. The family originally came from Lerbäcken, Stora Tuna, Dalacarlia. 2 older sons stayed in Sweden: Carl Johan and Erik Leonard Strandberg. I have no idea of where they settled but maybe it was in Minnesota. Erik Leonard had 2 sons that in 1903 emigrated to North America: Herman Teodor b. 1881 and Selfrid Oskar b. March 27, 1886. Both where born in Aasbacka, Sandarne, Halsingland. I know for sure that Selfrid or Oscar as he called himself in America visited his older cousins and their grandchildren in 1944. A picture is taken Febraury 7, 1944 with Oscar standing in the middle of a group of men and boys. Oscar had one son Robert VERNON. His mother is either a Sadie Larson or a Sigrid Koch. One information says that Robert died in 1987 in Chichago, ILL. Oscar died in November 1967. He was buried at Mount Salem Cementery at Mathowa, MN. He had lived on 1714 N. 16th St., Superior WI. His last wifes name, who survied him, was Mattie Strandberg. I no nothing about Herman Teodors whereabouts. Oregon is mentioned but I don´t know. Any information is of great value. Thank you

John Donahue Fri Jan 3 21:10:39 1997
Looking for Catherine TAYLOR, dau of John TAYLOR homesteaded in Eastern Twp. about 1879. John is not on 1885 Minn. State Census, assumed died between 1879-1885. Catherine TAYLOR b. 1826, Ireland, wife of John Taylor, listed on 1885 Minn. State Census Eastern twp. would like know when & where buried.

Nancy Meyers Sat Jan 4 08:11:17 1997 Invalid email address 22 May 2019
Seeking data on F. BEAUDETTE or any similar spelling that came to MN from Canada about 1854 with his wife and family. He work in the ship building business and legend has it that he died in Minneapolis area. In 1880 I find some of his grown children in other states. Nancy

Mary Armstrong Sat Jan 4 10:23:01 1997 Invalid email address 22 May 2019
I am looking for information about my paternal grandmother's family. She was born Elizabeth Marie LAKE. I think her family spent some time in the Sturgeon Lake area (nearby town) when she was a child (early 1900's) as well as that town being her residence today. She married Charles ARMSTRONG. They lived in Mankato for a time.

DeeAnn Ludden Moore Tue Jan 14 12:07:47 1997
Looking for any information on Irish LUDDEN's. My family has been found primarily in Rock County, Wisconsin, but I am researching Minnesota to see if any of them went on to live in Minnesota. Can anyone be of help in this endeavor? Thank you for the space and I appreciate any help given very much. Thanks My family: John and Bridget LUDDEN born Ireland, were my gt. gt. gr. parents. Thomas H. LUDDEN and Ellen MARKEY, gt. gr. parents. James Clement "Clem" LUDDEN and Marie Elizabeth McCARTHY, gr. parents. Kenneth Anthony LUDDEN and Donna Mae Grace BATTY were my parents.

Bettie O'Master Higgins Thu Jan 23 13:09:56 1997
Searching for links to O'MASTER (or OMASTA) families who located in Minnesota. My grandfather was Frank (Francis?) and my grandmother, I believe was Mary. I also believe they were first generation, but not certain. Their children were John Paul (my father), Agnes, Mary, Frankie, and Anne (I think her name is correct; she was Frank's child by a second marriage). Would appreciate any information or assistance on family origin. I cannot find anything father back than my grandparents. Thanks.

Vicki Steen Sat Jan 25 23:17:22 1997
I am looking for Irene KNOX, all I know is she was married to a wealthy German born person and they had a large house on teh bluffs. I don't know her married name, it may have been Knox, of the could have been her maiden name. I would like to know where she was born and her perents, etc. She was the mother of Gene Charles DALEY and Betty BROWN (DALEY). She died in the '80's. I would like information on who the father of these two are and where they were born. Betty BROWN still lives in Mankato.

Stan Kephart Sat Jan 25 23:28:10 1997
Searching for William Charles SKINNER maternal grandfather born 1890? in Menin Minn.?

D Westermann Sun Jan 26 12:12:33 1997
I am looking for information regarding the family of Peter John MacADAMS, who came to Minnesota in the second half of the 1800's from Scotland via Nova Scotia. He is my great grandfather on my father's side. His father was a persecuted Catholic who either owned a ship or was a ship's captain. Peter John MacADAMS left Scotland as a boy or teenager with his family to escape the persecution of Catholics in Scotland. Peter's daugher, Eloise Grace MacADAMS RYDER(RIDER) was my maternal grandmother who died in July, 1968.

bengt rostedt Sat Feb 8 13:39:47 1997
I am looking for Carl Albert WESTERLUND and his wife Alexandra (Anna)MOLDAKOFF, born on Aaland island, Finland (which was a part of Russia at the time), on 22.2.1855 and 9.3.1856 respectively. They departed from Gothenburg in Sweden on 5.6.1886 with destination Chicago, Illinois. I have seen photographs of the couple, and their daugther Hanna (?)at an age of 3 - 4 years taken at various photographers in Minneapolis (Eggan, 25th Cedar Ave / Heighstedt, 226&228 Washington Ave). Carl Albert W was a merchant when departing from Finland, but became a farmer in USA according to family sources (?). I would appreciate any information about them and possible descendants.

Sara McMurray Sun Feb 9 04:47:45 1997
Looking for info re: Evelyn RIEVE born 1 October 1912 in Minnesota. Married the Reverend Clinton Cleophus BAKER on 3 May 1930 in Kenosha, WI. She remarried Victor SIPES on 19 Nov. 1984. Even though this is all pretty recent, it's all I know about my paternal grandmother. Thanks for any assistance. Sara

Robert Daniels Sun Feb 9 22:18:24 1997
I am looking for info on Milton L. HUGHES (wife=Ruhana VIOLET) born in the town of Rush (County=?) on 6/9/1872. I am his grandson 160 acre Homestead.

Sue Marsh Mon Feb 10 14:10:25 1997
I am searching for my brother-in-law's father: We don't know where he was born, either Minnesota, Michagn, Mississippi. My brother-in-law was b. 24 December 1946 in Amery Mississippi. His Dad left around 1950.

Dorothy Johnson Tue Feb 11 09:12:18 1997
Anyone researching Dexter D. KING b. 1820 NY>WI>MN. 1850 he married Eliza George b. 1827 NY>WI>MN. Children: Elmer b. 1852, Janette Lucy (m. Daniel B. Saylor)b. 1855 , Homer b. 1856, Lewis b. 1859, Herbert b. 1862, Bruce b. 1864 2nd wife: Hesta A. WATTS (no children). 3rd wife: Emma SEVERSON (in his pension her name is shown as Emma BRAKE). Children: Alverton, Albert, Joseph. Dexter KING was a Pvt in 1st Reg't. MN Heavy Artillery.

Terri Cody Sun Feb 16 05:41:57 1997
SHOWALTER AND VAN HORN Family's. My grandfather was born around 1915 in Minnesota to Delbert and Effie SHOWALTER. Place - unsure. Effie's maiden name Van Horn born to Edgar Van Horn and Emma Lightburn also from MN. Children of Edgar & Emma - Edward, Leni, Archie, Fred, Charlie, Effie, Emily, Hervey, Nathon, Rex, Bert, Ray, Frank and Avery. Any information on the Showalter or Van Horn family would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Burnett Sat Feb 22 05:17:22 1997
Looking for information on Alfred R. CALVERT. b 23Oct 1862 in mn. Wife Agnes PERRY JARDIN. Daughter Lila CALVERT b 1889 and Leslie William CALVERT,b 12June 1895, in MN. County and town unknowen???. Any help would be appreciated.

Ken Berg Thu Feb 27 13:03:04 1997 Invalid email address 22 May 2019
Frank Victor BERG, Swedish, b. Nov. 20, 1878 in Vaasa, Finland; emigrated to U.S. in 1899; parents were Victor Josephson & Sophie Erickson; worked as an iron miner. Looking for brothers and sisters of Frank Victor Berg, also immigration or naturalization info on FVB.

L.R. Howsley Fri Feb 28 22:21:33 1997
any information regarding a Hazel Bernice HANSEN born somewhere in Minn on 2-20-10

Kathie Doane Arvidson Mon Mar 3 21:18:02 1997
Looking for Sam DOANE in Cambridge or Anoka area -- born 10-03-03, died 5-58, SS# 475-05-0368

Roberta BELL WOLFE Tue Mar 4 12:23:01 1997
Seeking information on Mary ___ BELL, b. DOB unknown, Living in Minnesota ~1915-1918 at least. m.1.unknown 1.Ruth m unknown, Henry Joseph BELL, b. Oberlin, PA 1874 divorce granted to Henry BELL in 1918,Carroll Co., IL., Mary was listed as not being a resident of IL. at that time. Henry Bell worked on the railroads, would be away from family for an extended length of time which caused a divorce eventually. It is known that Mary had a daughter (Ruth) from her 1st marriage. Ruth, still in Minnesota. If this looks familiar, please E-mail me!

Margaret Ortigo Fri Mar 7 08:51:56 1997 Invalid email address 22 May 2019
Hello. I am looking for an Ida Lillian PHILLIPS. She was born 16/7/1867. I do not know what county, but found this name listed for the 1870 MN census. The only other thing I know aabout her is that she married Landon O. COX in New Orleans, LA 6/12/1913, /Any information will be greatly appreciatedd. I do not know which county, the state came from the GRS index. Thank you.

Stan Hultgren Fri Mar 7 14:05:01 1997
I am looking for any information on Peter Julius Jensen BJERKAN who was born 18 Feb 1870 in Tromso, Troms, Norway. He emigrated from Trondheim in June 1888 indicating that his destination in the USA was Hatton, Dakota. I have not been able to locate him in the USA. Did he go to Hatton in Dakota Territory or somewhere else such as Minnesota? When and where did he live or die? Did he marry? If so, to whom, when and where? Are there living descendants? Any in- formation would be appreciated.

Kay Cee Christenson Fri Mar 14 17:06:34 1997
I am researching the MURALT surname. My ggrandmother Elise Hirsbrunner Muralt is buried at a Lutheran cemetary in Wood Lake. My ggrandfather Robert Muralt and Elise had 11 children. She died April 9, 1903. Any information on the Muralts would be greatly appreciated. Anyone with Muralt's in their family tree please contact me. Thank you.

Paul Arink Sat Mar 15 18:30:07 1997
ARINK/SEGGELINCK/SIEGELINCK Looking for information on George(Gerrit) Arink and his wife Maria(Seggelinck/Siegelinck), they came from Holland in Feb. of 1867. Came to Minnesota to stay with her parents on their farm. She died a year or two afterwards and George married a Jeanette WHER, he met there in an English class. They later moved to Covington, Kentucky before 1878. Any information please e-mail me at:

Dennis Mattai Mon Mar 24 21:03:46 1997 Invalid email address 22 May 2019
Looking for lineage of a Margaret SHEFFEL who lived in the MN area around 1880. She was an immigrant from Austria.  and was about 22 years old in 1870 and worked as a domestic servent on the farm of Hypolite Glingly in Lafayette  Township in Nicolette County (St. Peter area) MN."

Jeanne Gold Fri Mar 28 08:11:28 1997
I am researching the surname DASKOVSKY with my connections originating from the Ukraine (Koryuokovka, Berdychiv, Gorodishche). My branch of the DASKOVSKY family lived in Chicago, Cook County, IL. But during my research, I came across the following information in the SSDI index: (1) Anna DASKOVSKY (born Oct 15, 1891, died July 1984, last residence 55108), (2) Minnie DASKOVSKY (born Dec 10, 1897, died Feb 8, 1989, last residence 55416), and (3) Barney DASKOVSKY (born Jul 10, 1889, died Jan 1980, last residence 55416).I have no known familial connection with this individual ... but you never know. I'm hoping someone will contact me with more information about him as well as to explore possible other related names.

Marlene Carr Sat Mar 29 05:54:44 1997
I am seeking information of Johan Henry BETZOLD. I know he had a brother, Mathias. Johan H. BETZOLD married Margarette (Margaret?) HESS and had 9 children. I would appreciate any information that can be provided. Specifically, I am searching backward from Johan and Mathias. Mathias married Appolina and had 4 children, Catherine, Elizabeth, Joseph and Henry. Information is greatly appreciated.

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