Flåm Valley, Aurland,
Sogn & Fjordane Norway 

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The following was received from Svein Indrelid: <Svein.Indrelid@bmu.uib.no>

I am looking for information on emigrants from the Flåm valley, Aurland township, Sogn & Fjordane county, Norway 1844-1920 and their descendants. From this small community (today 400 inhab.) more than 500 people emigrated to USA during the period in question.

At present I am working on a the farm- and family history of the Flåm valley. The manuscript will be printed sept. 1998, and this book will be a part of the "bygdebok" of Aurland, where Anders Ohnstad has published the general township history ("Aurland I"), the geanealogy ("Aurland II") and three volumes of farm-history. My volume will be the fourth in this series.

In the volume of Flåm I will include the names and dates of the emigrant generation and children (both the Norwegian and the American born) and a (very) short family history of the emigrant family.

I would like to get in contact with anyone who has information of interest.

The emigrants from the Flåm valley had the following surnames:

FRETHEIM (Frettem),
FLÅM (Flom, Flaam),
INDRELID (Indrelie, Indrelee, Indrelea, Lie, Lee, Lea),
RYUM (Ryo),
HOLUM (Hauglum),
GEISME (Gesme, Gjesme, Jesme),
DALSBOTTEN (Dalbotten, Dalbottom),
TUNSHELLE (Thunshelle),
MELHUS (Melhuus),
KÅRDAL (Kaardal, Kaardahl, Kordal, Kordahl, Cordal, Cordahl),
BEREKVAM (Berkvam, Berquam, Berqvam),
VIDME (Vedme,Vibne, Widme, Wedme),
BRÆKKE (Brekke, Brecke, Breche).

Please use my e-mail address or write to:
Svein Indrelid,
Nubbebakken 10,
N 5018 Bergen, NORWAY.

Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 14:27:24 +0100
From: Svein Indrelid <Svein.Indrelid@bmu.uib.no>
Organization: Universitet i Bergen