The images on this page are display samples only. Please use the
downloadable ZIP file here.
I'm sorry I cringe when I see GIF images. If you would like to use a transparent background use the PNG images.
Upload the images directly. If you right click, copy and paste you will
lose quality, and the metadata I embedded in the file. The metadata will help with SEO.

MNGenWeb Logo JPG Sets.
JPEG 400x263 JPEG 400x263 JPEG 400x263 ALT IMAGE
JPEG 320x210 JPEG 320x210 JPEG 320x210 ALT IMAGE
JPEG 220x145 JPEG 220x145 JPEG 220x145 ALT IMAGE
JPEG 130x85 JPEG 130x85 JPEG 130x85 ALT IMAGE
MNGenWeb Logo PNG Sets
PNG 400x263 PNG 400x263 PNG 400x263 ALT IMAGE
PNG 320x210 PNG 320x210 PNG 320x210 ALT IMAGE
PNG 220x145 PNG 220x145 PNG 220x145 ALT IMAGE
PNG 130x85 PNG 130x85 PNG 130x85 ALT IMAGE
I built this but didn't get the chance to submit it.